Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Roster Shuffle, Dutch & Greatness of Moyer

Roster Shuffle:
In- Dane Sardinha/Catcher, Mike Zagurski/LHP, Jimmy Rollins/SS
Out- Greg Dobbs/Crap, Carlos Ruiz/DL, Scott Mathieson/RHP

Just as the Phils get J-Roll back, they lose another field marshal as Chooch hits the 15-day with a concussion. Mathieson didn't get a fair shake while up with the club, and honestly I can't see "Fat Mike" Zags doing much better. Sardinha better known for his DUI ability than hitting/catching prowess. Amaro is hoping Dobbs clears waivers and goes to Lehigh Valley to pick up consistent at bats and work his way back up to the Phils.

Good thing Darren "Dutch" Daulton is getting inducted onto the Phillies Wall of Fame, because if he had to wait much longer the world may have ended (according to Mayan calendar world ceases to exist in the year 2012, which crazy Dutch believes).
"It is an honor. I was able to come up and play with a lot of great baseball players, and against a lot. There's a lot of names on the Wall that I feel very privileged to be a part of. I've always felt like Philadelphia is home, and the Phillies organization made it a family. From the first day I came to Veterans Stadium, I was always treated like part of a family. I feel honored to carry on the tradition."

Phils Stats- 14 yr, 1109 g, 489 r, 858 h, 189 2b, 23 3b, 134 hr, 567 rbi, 48 sb, .245/.783, 3 time All-Star, and 1 ex-wife Hooters waitress.

Greatness of Moyer:
Alright, I'm completely baffled, how is he doing it? In 2009 Moyer seemed to be finally nearing the end. At the beginning of this season the second guaranteed of his contract made Rube look like a r-tard. Now, well, he's rolling off quality starts with routine and has 8 wins on the season. His ERA is a mediocre 4.43, but his WHIP is an outstanding 1.06. Will the Phils be resigning Grand Pappy this offseason?


furiousBall said...

shave the head Dutch, you're fooling no one

Corey said...

moyer's BABIP is .235. that's really low. if you believe this stat is a barometer of "luck," then you have to think it's only a matter of time before the "regression to the mean" will cause his already mediocre ERA to go above 5 and all of us will be calling for his release again.

Corey said...

here's the graph of moyer's babip over the years.


Corey said...


GM-Carson said...

Looks like the Marlins fired manager Fredi Gonzalez and 2 coaches. Hanley Ramirez must be so happy.

GM-Carson said...

Dobbs cleared waivers, no word yet on if he's accepting the minor league assignment.

Bob D said...

he accepted. Now if he starts to hit like he did the last few years then a call up a bit later may accually make the bench stronger. Then Rube go out and get a better right handed bat for the bench.

Preserve Jon said...

I've said it before, but I'd offer Moyer a Wakefield-esque contract. 1-year $5. Both sides have the option to renew it.

GM-Carson said...

I'm tired of Kyle Kendrick, he seems like he belongs on the Royals.

Aaron said...

can someone please explain to me why when the phils desperately need a strikeout in the 9th inning why romero is pitching to right hand batters instead of lidge or contreras?????

WTF Charlie.....pull your head out of your ass

Andrew said...