Friday, June 04, 2010

Know Your Enemy - San Diego

Can We Get a Do-Over?
When the Padres drafted Matt Bush first overall in the 2004 First Year Player draft***, nobody thought he was the best player available. First round talent? Sure. Number one pick? Nah. Guys like Stephen Drew and Jared Weaver were held in higher regard but would command signing bonuses higher than the small market Padres could, or would, pay. So the Padres drafted the local high school star and it turned out to be one of the worst picks of all time. Here is a quick rundown of his career so far.

As a newly drafted 18 year old, he was accused of felony assault and misdemeanor trespassing, disorderly conduct and alcohol consumption by a minor after an altercation outside an Arizona nightclub. He went to Rookie and Short Season league and didn't hit.

The following spring he was injured in another fight outside a bar in Arizona, although the specifics never came out as he was not charged with a crime. And just like the fighting, the lack of hitting continued.

After four pathetic, injury-plagued years as an infielder, the Padres converted him to a pitcher. He supposedly hit mid-90's on the gun but was injured almost immediately after the switch and had Tommy John surgery.

While rehabbing his elbow, he was again arrested after and incident at a local San Diego high school. Apparently, a drunken Bush threw a golf club, picked up and threw a freshman lacrosse player and hit another one, then yelled “I'm Matt (expletive) Bush” before driving over a curb in his Mercedes when leaving the campus. The Padres released Bush.

He was signed by the Blue Jays but he didn't last long. While in their minor league camp he was accused of throwing a baseball past a young lady's head and banging on her car window to scare her after accusing her of drawing on his face with a marker. The Blue Jays released him.

Last June he was arrested again and he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor reckless driving involving alcohol, vandalism and resisting arrest. He spent 120 days in an alcohol rehab center.The Tampa Rays signed him. He has yet to be arrested as a member of the Rays, or pitch more than three innings.

***Why is it called "First Year Player Draft?" First year of what? Why isn't it the amateur draft, like every other professional sports organization calls it.

Team Rankings
                         Phillies         Padres
Batting Avg 14 23
Home Runs 10 26
RBI 18 21

ERA 7 1
WHIP 27 4
Strikeouts 21 9
Retired Number
If you've been reading these "Know Your Enemy" posts then you know I'm interested in mediocre players that get their nubmers retired. Well, the Padres can add to the list because they retired Randy Jones' number 35. Randy Jones did have back-to-back 20 win season and won the Cy Young in the second of those years. But after that, he wasn't all that good. His career record with the Padres was 92-105. He had a losing record in five of his eight years in San Diego. Weak.

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems?
Here's a breakdown of how the Phils and Padres spend their money.
                         Phillies         Padres
Starting 8 74.4 12.8
Rotation 33.8 15.5
Bullpen 25.8 6.5
Bench 3.6 2.3
Est. total 138 38
Committed for 2011 134 ZERO!
- The Phillies are paying $74 million for this offense. I haven't see money spent this poorly since the Yankees pitching staff of a few years ago (remember Pavano, Wright, etc?). You you what you can buy for $74 million? How about 4.9 million cases of Miller High Life to drown our sorrow.

- The Padres "Rotation" total includes their highest paid player, Chris Young, even though he's only pitched one game this year. Subtract his $6 million and what the Padres are doing is even more impressive.

- You read that correctly. The Padres have no money committed to next season. They do have buyouts on two players totaling $1.1 million so I guess they have something committed. But they have no players under contract and only have six arbitration eligible players with closer Heath Bell being the most prominent. You want to run a team by spending the least amount of money possible, the Padres are the standard bearer. Pay attention to this, Pirates...

"I don't know what, they want from me
It's like the more money we come across
The more problems we see"

Pitching Probables:
Mat Latos
Jon Garland
Kevin Correia
Wade LeBlanc

Who cares?


GM-Carson said...

Carlos Quentin just moved himself into a tie on The Howard list. He also holds the record for most Howards by a player that has a last name starting with the letter Q.

Preserve Jon said...

Funny I didn't remember RAJ in the video.

Best. Photoshop. Ever.

GM-Carson said...

I agree, that this is one of my favorite photoshops done on WSBGMs. The other, No-Hit Nunez's head on a scrawy whiteboy body.

GM-Carson said...

From Jayson Stark's Rumblings & Grumblins:
• On Ryan Howard: "Early in the year, he was staying on the ball and hitting more balls to the middle of the field than I'd ever seen. Now he's reverted back to this mindset where he can't get beat inside. So he's really spinning off the ball. He's easy to get out now. You just show him a couple of fastballs in, then go back to offspeed stuff away, and he's an out."

• On Chase Utley: "He looks like he's not seeing the ball. He's shooting the bat out like he's just trying to make contact, instead of firing the bat out to try and drive it. It just looks like he's not seeing it out of the pitcher's hand, and that's what's always made him so good, why he hits left-handers so well. He just sees the ball so well. But not right now."

Bob D said...

Matt Bush sounds like one all jacked up on steriods by the way he acts. unless he never grew up.

Prediction - Phillies sweep, average 8 runs per game, and they jump back into first place. Now if it was an NL East opponent they would continue to lose.

I loved the pic too - and can we get the Abe Nunez pic to make an appearance again that one was too funny.

GM-Carson said...

Some Charlie Manuel quotes:
“When you play this game you can’t take anything for granted. This game is an every-day process, and just because you did something last year doesn’t mean you’ll do it again this year. You have to keep the same intensity and drive. This is a new day. You have to keep proving yourself.”

"I got upset when I came in and saw everybody looking at movies. We had a whole audience in there looking at movies and [crap]. I thought, ‘What the hell? We should be getting ready for the damn game.’ I don’t like things like that.”

“Now, if you get complacent, and you get satisfied because you got a big deal or you make more money and you know that you’re set … . Or if you’re a bench player and you come over here and you get a two- or a three-year deal or something like that and you feel good about yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that, but at the same time, we still want those people to have the same drive they’ve always had. I see a whole lot of cockiness, big-headedness and complacency. It’s an every-day process to be good. You don’t take it easy or you slip.”

Andrew said...

shouldn't the Golden Girls be in this post somehow?

ripjgarcia said...

Halladay 60 pitches in the 3rd.. Yikes.

GM-Carson said...

Holy crap Matt Stairs looks weird with no gut.

GM-Carson said...

Lidge looked absolutely fan-f*ckin-tastic tonight!

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