Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Doc Hit, J-Roll Hitless

Roy Halladay came over to the National League having been battle-tested against the AL East for the previous 12 seasons. He was supposed to the be equalizer if the Phils were to face the likes of the Yankees and Red Sox. Well, in 2 starts against those squads this year he's totally crapped the bed. 11.2 ip, 12 r, 16 h, 3 bb, and 4 hr. Doc is an amazing talent and a premiere pitcher, but those 2 outings against former AL East foes is very disheartening.

Have you heard the joke about the Phillies offense? Yeah, me too, and it's not very f'n funny! Anyway, hopefully this improves upon the return of leadoff man Jimmy Rollins. J-Roll played a rehab game in Clearwater yesterday and went hitless in 3 at bats. He'll likely remain there through the weekend. When he returns, who ships out? I suggest Chase Utley, Raul Ibanez, or Jayson Werth...uh, wait, what?


GM-Carson said...

Used this analogy on our Facebook page- Rube is a like a kid in a candy score, going for the sugar-rush with reckless abandon spending as much as possible to get the treat without thought of what it could cause in the funds, tooth decay.

Scottie said...

Yes, doc being rocked by the Sox and Yanks is not a good sign, but nothing is worse than watching this offense. When the Yanks scored 5 runs early, I knew it was over and so did the rest of the fans and from the looks of it - the team. The way this season is going, I think the beginning of the year was the aberration and right now is the norm. Ibanez is slow and old, JRoll's age is showing, big holes still exist in our 20 million dollar man, Blanton is good for 3 innings, and Utley must be hurt. Oh well, maybe they turn it around this year, but they keep losing ground in the division at their current pace.

Dr. Steve said...

Tanking the season fans yet? Get everyone to a surgeon, get rid of Ibanez, trade JRoll, I mean come on. This team needs a reboot. And if we're going to SUCK, we may as well get a good draft pick out of it.

Preserve Jon said...

Anyone else think Happ is on the road towards Tommy John surgery?

Andrew said...

time to call up Dom Brown, Mayberry Jr, etc???

SirAlden said...

Time to sign Pedro Martinez and relax.

Happ and Kendrik Lost and About what you expect.

J-Roll Lost
Polanco Lost 50%

Sign Pedro and get J-Roll and Mellon Head back, and we will be all set.

The Braves and Mutts are not inspiring.

GM-Carson said...

I disagree, the Braves are a solid team because of that pitching staff. The Mets could fall apart. Bottomline, Phils gotta start playing better, because they've been complete shit for a month now.

SirAlden said...


The Braves, and Mutts are not inspiring.

Braves solid? Hmmm guess so. Not inspiring.

Mutts? Draft today - Bay or Werth
for the rest of the year. Mutts 2B man or Chase.

Funk yes. Halladay and Hamels are the men. Hope Chase is not injured,
looks like he is.

AJ "Fastball Burnett" is just what the Phillies need. Dig in Boys.
Watch to see if the UMP squeezed Grandpappy tonight the way he was unrealistically squeezin' CC and Roy.

We will know in the first inning or so if Moyers will get a strikezone he can succeed with. If the UMP sucks, take the kids out for soft icecream and mini golf.

Bob D said...

We knew it was gonna happen sooner or later - but Howard brought out Jobu and Lidge was last seen looking for a live chicken. Don't believe me, goto LOL

And Howard even hit a HR.

ACSmitty79 said...

@ Scottie: J-Rollins is "showing his age"? In 12 whole games?? wow.

@ Dr. Steve: just stop it! the Baseball draft is not the NBA or NFL draft. the tanking idea is absolutely ridiculous.

This team will be back on track no later than the A.S. Break.