Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cole Hamels Needs To Man Up


GM-Carson said...

Apparently I'm a fraud because I'm critical of Cole Hamels.

I love everything he did for this team in '08. Without him no World Series ring. That doesn't mean he's beyond criticism though, and criticism he deserves for his performance in 09/10.

SirAlden said...

You are extreme.

Before yesterday he had turned in 10 straight outings of giving up under 3 runs.

When he does well, let's see you praise him.

When I fail or you fail it is not because we are not manly or because we are being a a whiny female bitch.

If you flip a coin and 10 times in a row it comes out ok, you do not cry when it comes up tails on the 11th try.

You did not do this when Halladay has issues.

This said - Cole and the Cit has HomeRun issues. The Toronto Blue Jays are leading the world this year with, TAKE AN EDUCATED GUESS and Swing with all your might for the fences, HOMERUNS. I knew it was going to happen before it happened, almost sat him in the Fantasy League.

One homer given up was on an excellent pitch - two were Change-Ups that were HIGH in the Zone.

Cole has been doing ver well this year - hope he gets back on track.

I never see Chase Utley posts with such bitter language when he goes 3 for 25.

I agree we need Hamels badly as we need everyone on the team.

I do not believe he and his family and children need to be insulted with this type of language.

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- dually noted.

Why do I make fun of Cole Hamels? Past comments he's made about not going on 3 days rest when the club could have really used his help like that. The sulk-fits he does on the mound after a bad play in the field or he gives up big hits. The comment he made during the World Series about wishing it were over.

His wife is beautiful. I've got no beef with her. His children, I've never seen them, and won't make fun of them. Cole Hamels though...seems like a little girl to me.

Corey said...

"Before yesterday he had turned in 10 straight outings of giving up under 3 runs." - that's very wrong. it's actually 9 staright of giving up 3 earned runs or less (although one start only lasted < 1 inning.)

but overall i agree with siralden. yes, mark it on the calendar, i agree with siralden. over the last 2 months hamels has been a solid #2 starter. he's not as good as cliff lee, but who is? (oh, yeah, frenchy, sucky, and hearing impaired-y...) i understand the beef about not throwing on short rest and showing too much negative emotion, but calling him out with childish insults everytime he has a bad game is silly. "fraud" seems like an odd choice, though, but if you're going to go out on a limb and be over the top with a sentiment that that most people disagree with, you're going to have to expect and take the criticism.

GM-Carson said...

I wrote this earlier in the year:
"Cole Hamels, the 1st round pick of the Phillies in 2002, has lived the beautiful life. He's been a premiere prospect, had one of the most highly anticipated debuts in recent memory, an All-Star in his first full season, a World Series MVP award, has a beautiful Playboy model wife, and is making a nice chunk of change at $6.65M (in 2nd year of 3 yr $20.5M arbitration buyout). The 26 year old lefty has talent, with a great fastball/change-up combo, but he's become too predictable recently and needs to mix his pitches up. Not only that, his mound presence is questionable, as he openly sulks about missed plays and calls. This is not an equation for adoration and success in Philly."

I admit to being over-the-top harsh in regards to Hamels. I root my ass off for him though, and continually hope he makes me eat my words.

As far as Halladay and Utley being above criticism, they are not. I have criticized each. You're right in that I don't call them names though. I know I'm being "silly" or "childish". Perhaps I'm the only one who sees the humor in it. I myself am not above questioning and criticism.

GM-Carson said...

Oh, and worry not, celebrations with be forthcoming following Cole Hamels victories and/or quality outings.

Andrew said...

I think its funny too Carson. After all, this is supposed to be a humorous, off-beat blog, not the Philly Inquirer. No one seriously hates Cole for his outstanding 2008 and for the way he's bounced back from a bad 2009 to put together a solid 2010 campaign. Ever pitcher, even Roy, has a bad outing here and there. You can't make fun of them all or you sound like a whiny bitch. Cole is your whipping boy and thats funny.

GM-Carson said...

Andrew, thanks for understanding. Cole is my whipping boy. I say time and time again, I actually like him. My second born son was named after him (middle name- Cameron Cole). This blog has never been sugarcoating, peachy keen, everything is coming up roses and will never be.

ACSmitty79 said...

We have high expectations for Cole because he has the pedigree (ie every year before 2009) to be a #1 or #2 pitcher on an MLB staff. So when he underachieves and sulks and whines, he gets deserved criticism.

While he seems to work hard, I think he's a little soft. I kinda get why he is (real or perceived as soft), but i don't have to like it. And i think despite the WS MVP, he could head down the McNabb/Lindros road with the Philadelphia fans very, very easily.

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