Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Injury, Imagine That

Hey, guess what, another Phillie has succumbed to injury. This time, it was the unlikeliest of players in the form of tough ass Chase Utley. Uts messed up his right thumb and is set to have an MRI today. Oh $%@&! Bulky elbowed Placido Polanco also may need offseason surgery to repair him, but for now plans to play through the pain. Double Oh $%@&!

The injury bug has bitten the Phillies squarely on the ass this season. 10 Phillies have been DL'd and Polanco has missed a lot of time too without being officially disabled.

1. Brad Lidge (2 stints)
2. JC Romero
3. Brian Schneider
4. Carlos Ruiz
5. JA Happ
6. Jimmy Rollins (2 stints)
7. Joe Blanton
8. Ryan Madson
9. Chad Durbin
10. Antonio Bastardo

*Happ and Madson make rehab appearance tonight.

*Ryan Howard leads the Phillies in homeruns (15), runs (50), and rbi (55), and is batting .296.

*The Phillies have issued a NL-low 193 bases on balls this season, and are 2nd in the Majors (Minnesota- 161).


Corey said...

11. Ruben Amaro - "intermittent brain cramps"

GM-Carson said...

That's an ongoing condition.

Bob D said...

Is that tonights lineup?

Bob D said...

Utley and Polanco both have been placed on the 15day DL.


Dobbs and Brian Bocock have been recalled

Preserve Jon said...

The lack of depth in the infield in the minor leagues is really showing up now that starters at three positions will have spent time on the DL.

Brian Bocock? Really? Last I read Cody Ransom was lighting up AAA pitching. How much of a butcher can he be?

GM-Carson said...

Brian Bocock, unfortunatley, was on the 40-man roster for some reason though, and Cody Ransom not.

Bocock blows...well, you can fill in the rest. .143 avg in 77 MLB ab. .179 avg in AAA this year. Wow, that's horrible.

Phillies aren't making the playoffs this year.

Corey said...

can't you just take bocock off the 40 man and replace him with ransom. i understand another team can claim bocock but is that really a concern?

GM-Carson said...

Rube is a dumbass! Bocock shoulda done did been released. Fact that he's on our 40 man roster is a f'n joke. Ransom is like the righthanded Russell Branyan- power, hits lefties, k's, error-prone. Better than Castro, Bocock, or probably even Valdez and Dobbs.

Aaron said...

With this news the phillies are done.

Give Polly the surgery now.
Hmmm I guess it wasn't "just a bruise"