Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Injury, Imagine That (Again)

(updated from this morning)
1. Brad Lidge (2 stints)
2. JC Romero
3. Brian Schneider
4. Carlos Ruiz
5. JA Happ
6. Jimmy Rollins (2 stints)
7. Joe Blanton
8. Ryan Madson
9. Chad Durbin
10. Antonio Bastardo
11. Chase Utley
12. Placido Polanco
13. *Ruben Amaro - intermittent brain cramps
* = as per Corey's comment in this morning's post

What the hell is Charlie Manuel supposed to do now with 3/8 of the starting lineup disabled? Chutley (.277/.849) & Polly's (.318/.782) fill-ins: Greg Dobbs (.152/.465 MLB,.118/.229 AAA) & Brian Bocock (.179/.470 AAA).

New lineup?
1. Rollins/SS
2. Victorino/CF
3. Jayson Werth/RF
4. Ryan Howard/1B
5. Raul Ibanez/LF
6. Wilson Valdez/2B
7. Greg Dobbs/3B
8. Brian Schneider/C

The Pirates, Astros, and Royals sport better lineups that that! Castro and Bocock will each likely see time and 2nd/3rd too.

Possible Targets:
*Garrett Atkins- recently let go by the O's after being a massive disappointment. Has not been good since 2008, but neither has Dobbs, and Castro never was good to begin with. Atkins hasn't played any 3rd this season, but whatever, he's played plenty in the past.

*Edwin Encarnacion- recently sent to the minors by the Blue Jays. Has a powerful stick, but is a poor defender and doesn't get enough hits.

*Ty Wigginton- besides having a copycat stat named after him (The Wiggy, aka The Howard), he is versatile and has a decent bat. I'd trade Cole Hamels for him. Oops, I mean Kyle Kendrick. Really, I meant Kyle Kendrick.

*Christian Guzman- haven't heard his name in the trade bin, but I imagine Washington wouldn't mind unloading his contract and would be inclined to take John Mayberry Jr. in return.

*The players above are just off the top of my head and ones that I think could be gotten relatively easily and cheap.


GM-Carson said...

List of possible replacements that MLBTR came up with:
Adam Everett, Mark Grudzielanek, Garrett Atkins, Edwin Encarnacion and Akinori Iwamura are not on MLB rosters and could presumably be acquired for a small financial commitment. Jhonny Peralta, Miguel Tejada, Adam Kennedy, Willie Bloomquist and Mike Aviles are in the majors, but could be available. Ty Wigginton, Dan Uggla and Kelly Johnson would be expensive and the Phillies wouldn't have room for them once their injured players return.

Andrew said...

Atkins is Utley's best friend. I imagine that aspect would entice him to come to Philly and perhaps help him play with some effort again. Might be worth the small fee. Also, Iwamura could surprise us. Anything is better than Dobbs right now.

Andrew said...

HRs from Schneider and Valdez.... Who would have thought?

GM-Carson said...

Aside from a guaranteed GIDP for Valdez every game, he's a nice little player. If everyone were healthy, I'd be happy with him as the utility infielder.

GM-Carson said...

Brad Lidge = Wasted Funds

Corey said...

pitching. this team needs pitching. i don't care if wilson valdez plays the rest of the season, the team won't win unless they get consistent pitching from the starters and the bullpen.

anyone see what cliff lee did tonight? even brad lidge can't fuck up a complete game. i miss you so much cliff lee...

GM-Carson said...

You know what I miss? 2008 version of Brad Lidge. This shit-ass version we've got stuck with the past 2 season is bogus. I want a refund!

Aaron said...

really lidge? really?

Corey said...

i'm going to take credit for jinxing arthur rhodes by giving him his own paragraph in the "know your enemy." so, yeah, i basically drove at least one of these runs in with my keyboard.

GM-Carson said...

I can't believe Howard actually got a hit off of Rhodes.

CB Bucknor is a chode. Manuel is fired up lately.

Lidge with the vulture win, what a joke.

Dr. Steve said...

I love the Blown Save + Win combo. Can we call that a Lidge?

GM-Carson said...

Dr. Steve- I actually had that thought about making it an official stat. We could call it the BSW, which stands for Blown Save Win, but also Bullshit Win.

Bob D said...

Maybe WSBGMS can come up with the Valdez stat: A Hr, GIDP, and an outstanding defensive play = THE VALDEZ

Has a nice ring to it

GM-Carson said...

I need to buy Krukker a couple cases of beer and get him to invoke the use of The Howard on Baseball Tonight.

ACSmitty79 said...

Who's older, Arthur Rhodes or Jamie Moyer?

ACSmitty79 said...

And why have the phillies only played 75 games and everyone else is @ 77-78?

Bloodstripes said...

2 rain outs in COL Smitty.

For an official VALDEZ you gotta be involved in turning a DP, GIDP and hit a HR.

Awesome win for the Phils in the end. Blanton deserved the W but Lidge bullshtted it in.

If Atkins and Utley are good friends then thats enough for me. Otherwise Mark Grudzielanek would be a decent pickup.

GM-Carson said...

Grudz is sure-handed at 2nd and I'd like to see him collect an extra base hit this season. He's about 30 something singles only.

GM-Carson said...

Hank Blalock was just released by the Rays. Take him for 3rd.

Also, Phils released Willy Taveras.

GM-Carson said...

Pat Burrell with the Giants: .344/1.053, 9 r, 3 2b, 5 hr, and 11 rbi in 21 games. Yeah, Rube was right, we couldn't use that at all.

Bloodstripes said...

If Burrell can come good at SF then maybe Atkins can come good in Philly. Give the guy a life-line on a good team for a few small dollars. Ya never know. But the Phils need something and need it soon.

GM-Carson said...

I am literally angry that Dobbs and Bocock are currently on the roster. They suck, and that's not me being funny or unfair, they really suck.

Preserve Jon said...

Someone needs to send Lidge a turd sandwich

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