Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ageless Style

Today Jamie Moyer gave up a MLB record setting homerun, but didn't allow that to deter him from winning his 267th game and eclipsing 4000 innings pitched. He truly has ageless style.

Top- Jamie Moyer (still going at 47), 2nd Row L/R- Satchel Paige (started at 41), Tommy John (retired at 46), Nolan Ryan (retired at 46), Randy Johnson (retired at 45), Middle- Tim Wakefield (still going at 43), Bottom- Phil Niekro (retired at 48).


ripjgarcia said...

There is a trojan popping up on my Kaspersky IS when I visit the blog.

Happened yesterday and today. I shall email you details.

GM-Carson said...

Garcia- I haven't gotten the warning yet. But thanks for the heads up. I'll see what Corey and I can do about it.