Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You Can't Win Them All, But Damn!

Another complete game for Roy Halladay, this one on a 132 pitch effort. Too bad it was all for naught, as Doc picked up his second loss of the season as well. Thing is, Halladay's MLB leading 4th complete game of the season should have never happened, and not just because of pitch count. In the bottom of the 7th inning, with a runner on 1st and only 1 out with the Phils down 2-1 Manuel elected to stay with Halladay and send him to the plate to sacrifice bunt (something he's yet to do successfully this season) rather than lift him from the game for a pinch hitter. Halladay k'd, runner stranded, Phils go on to lose 2-1. Overall, this was a frustrating game due to sloppy fielding (3 errors), lack of offense, Utley missing from the lineup, and losing to the lowly Pirates with our ace on the mound. You can't win them all, but DAMN!!!


GM-Carson said...

I know Halladay commands a ton of respect and hates to come out of games, but Charlie is the manager and he needs to think of the big picture- which is winning all season long and into the postseason. So wearing down the true ace is not a good idea, especially when it's unnecessary, like last night for example.

furiousBall said...

Phils' bats were sleeping last night. Nice outing by Duke.

Dr. Steve said...

This game should have rained out!!!

Preserve Jon said...

One thing that may be overlooked among the grousing from the blogosphere about Halladay's burgeoning number of pitches thrown in 2010 is that the vast, vast majority of his pitches have been delivered in low leverage situations. I would have to think that this has an impact on his stamina.

GM-Carson said...

Here are some quotes from Doc following last night's outing:
"I've learned you make the adjustments on your work days in between. That's where you adjust for how many pitches you throw. If you throw more, you cut down on your bullpen. I've always felt that I can regulate how I feel every five days as long as I'm smart about my work days."

"You have to know your body. You have to know when you need to step back. I think that's most important. You can't always go out and do the same things in between. You have to adjust for how you're feeling and how things went before."

"In the next couple days I'll see how I feel and if I need to back off a bullpen or something, I'll do it. But you just have to listen to your body."

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