Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Short Stops

Short Stop 1:
A big BOO! to Juan Castro for breaking up Dick K's no-hit bid in the 8th inning. If the Phils are going to lose a game while being shutout with only 1 hit at the end, I don't want that stinkin' hit, I want the no-hitter! Now it's just another L, but it could have been a historical loss if not for that bloop single.

Short Stop 2:
Jimmy Rollins back to the DL. He restrained his right calf while running out a grounder. Well, it was fun having him back for all of four games. Phils medical staff reports that this is a Grade 1 strain and that he should be healed in time to come of the DL at the end of the 15 days. Until then, more Juan Castro...yippie!

Short Stop 3:
Juan Wilson Valdez, who earlier this week cleared waivers, was summoned from Triple-A to again take J-Roll's roster spot. Castro will get the bulk of the starts, but we can cross our fingers (and in case you have sausage links for phalanges you can cross your eyes instead) for plate appearances for Valdez in which he is given the opportunity to ground into a double play, because in that situation he's money.

Short Stop 4:
For no good reason other than we're on the subject of shortstops...


GM-Carson said...

Minor League 1st Baseman Matthew Rizzotti is on fire. Since being called up to Double-A Reading, he's batted .478 in 8 games. For the season overall he's batting .379 with a .980 OPS.

furiousBall said...

dickie thon... not sure why anyone would want to go by dickie.

Andrew said...

Where's Kevin Stocker???

ripjgarcia said...

Wow.. Desi Relaford has a career ERA of 0.00 with a strikeout.

Did not know that.

Dr. Steve said...

I don't want a no-hitter against the Phillies. That just tells history "that team sucked"

GM-Carson said...

Phillies sucked this weekend.

Halladay got had.

Offense was nonexistent.


GM-Carson said...

No more Lima Time, as Jose Lima passed away last night.