Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Phils Get Dickey'd...By Haley's Comet

"You are used to guys who have everyday stuff, but it’s very rare that you see a knuckleballer. Two in a row is even rarer — like Halley’s Comet," said Ryan Howard. "Tomorrow we get a regular pitcher and try to right the ship."

Oh, yeah, a "regular pitcher." That's the cure. At this point, I don't think this team could hit Adam Eaton. They've been scoreless in 28 or their last 29 innings. That's hours and hours of hitless, scoreless, pathetic baseball.

Last night was especially frustrating - bases loaded with no outs, bases loaded again the next inning, second and third with now outs - yet no runs. Thirteen men left on base. Ugh.

Does Charlie Manuel think a "regular pitcher" is all this team needs? Maybe not.

"We got outplayed, we got outhustled. We can go through stretches, but tonight especially we could play with more enthusiasm. We’re playing bad right now"

I agree. This has more to do with psyche than it does the speed of the pitches. This is a typical midseason funk that we are all accustomed to and they just need to break out of it. I'm just not convinced it is going to be tonight.

Manuel All Wet And Soapy
Just a little something to take your mind off of the Phillies hitting woes. From Yahoo.com - Jimmy Rollins' response to being told Charlie Manuel thinks about where to hit his longtime shortstop in the lineup while he showers.
I don't want to think about Charlie in the shower.
Speak for yourself Jimmy. I think Charlie in the shower would look a little like this:

Just don't peep on Uncle Fuqua when he's showering with the ladies...

Advanced Scouting on Hasinori Takahashi
No, not really advanced, just a few numbers.

HERE are his stats from his ten years with the Yomiuri Giants.

As for this year, here are some of his peripheral stats:
10.7 4.23 .28 .332 3.55 3.0%
So what does this tells us? Well, his high BABIP implies some bad luck but his HR/FB% implies some good luck. His WSBGMs Luck Factor sits at about +4 right now. Combine that with the Phillies struggles and that huge ballpark and I predict Takahashi will go 6 innings only giving up a single run.


GM-Carson said...

Team is boring. Phils lose tonight.

I'm a frontrunner.

furiousBall said...

it was like someone told the Phils they were going to win a baked ham if they left the most runners on base last night

GM-Carson said...

Watching Chooch try to throw runners out last night was disgusting. He couldn't get he ball anywhere close to 2nd. Cecil-f'n-Fielder could have swiped a bag last night.

Corey said...

speaking of cooch, how's he hitting since returning from injury?

GM-Carson said...

Carlos Ruiz #'s:
Before Injury- .345/.948, 21 bb, 16 k.

After Injury- 2-21 (.095), 1 bb, 5 k.

That's bad.

Preserve Jon said...

I'd like to point out that the Phils didn't just grant Howard a gigantic contract extension to become a singles hitter.

Out of 53 total hits thusfar, he has only 16 extra base hits.

That's 70% singles.

2010 53 hits 16 xbh or 30%
2009 172 hits 86 xbh or 50%
2008 153 hits 78 xbh or 51%
2007 143 hits 73 xbh or 51%
2006 182 hits 84 xbh or 46%
2005 90 hits 41 xbh or 45%
2004 11 hits 7 xbh or 64%

Preserve Jon said...

And those numbers don't include 2 more singles last night!

GM-Carson said...

Howard isn't striking out as much and is hitting for a better average, but that power is needed or he's not worth $10M let alone $20M+.

Preserve Jon said...

He is K'ing at the lowest rate in his career, and those numbers have been declining since 2007.

2010 191 PAs 45 Ks 23.5%
2009 703 PAs 186 Ks 26.5%
2008 700 PAs 199 Ks 28.4%
2007 648 PAs 199 Ks 30.7%
2006 704 PAs 181 Ks 25.7%
2005 348 PAs 100 Ks 28.7%
2004 42 PAs 13 Ks 31 %

Bob D said...

this game sucks too

GM-Carson said...

When the hell is this team going to hit? I can't even muster up a good enough insult right now for this pack of crap that is "playing".

8008 WFC's said...

I had to walk away from the TV tonight after the stranding of Vic at 3rd by Howard and Werth. They've become so bad at getting runners across, it's becoming hard to watch, and esp if on top of that you have to listen to TMac and Sarge.

GM-Carson said...

It was so bad that I didn't even bitch when my wife flipped the channel to the American Idol finale. That's how much the Phils suck right now.

Andrew said...

nice. two consecutive shutouts. awesome.

ripjgarcia said...


GM-Carson said...

I'm hoping for a Charlie tirade, followed by an offensive outburst tomorrow against that big tongued freak Pelfrey. Bottom line, this team isn't worth getting pissed about, F' 'em!

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