Sunday, May 23, 2010

"The Phillies don't play well in Interleague play."

If I hear Wheels utter that phrase one more time as an excuse for the disaster witnessed at Citizens Bank Park this weekend I'm going to poison one Oreo cookie then mix it in with the entire carton and eat them one-by-one until I keel over and die.

"He's looking for a ball middle-in."
"The Phillies just don't hit Pirates pitchers."
"The job of a closer is the toughest in baseball."
"He was sitting dead-red."
"He's a real dirtball."
"He's a typical lefty."
"He's a good looking young pitcher."
"I do not molest collies."
"I am not wearing a toupee."
and now..."The Phillies don't play well in Interleague play."

Feel free to add you own Chris Wheeler stamped with stupidity phrase in the comments section.


Dr. Steve said...

Carson can you take over ownership of

Because it is in dire need of an update.

Dr. Steve said...

Preserve Jon said...

I have to admit. I don't hate Chris Wheeler as much as the rest of the world. I don't take him seriously, so he just doesn't bother me. He's the crazy uncle at Thanksgiving that tells you to become a pharmacist every year at Thanksgiving. Thanks Uncle Al, I hear ya, but I'm doing just fine where I'm at.

Robert said...


Robert said...

"He's a real dirtball" is probably the one that gets my goat more than any other.

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