Thursday, May 13, 2010

Old Friends

Today WSBGMs takes time to reacquaint with some old friends. However, these aren't true-blue friends, they're more like people we used to know and don't necessarily miss...sorta like your Facebook collection of 200+ buddies. The following is a look at some ex-Phils from the 2009 squad.

Pedro Feliz/Houston Astros/3B
.231/.558, 6 r, 12 rbi, 2 bb, 7 xbh, 5 GIDP, 4 E.
Polly is by far outperforming Pete Happy and everyone seems happy that the Phils let him go to Ed Wade Land where Nutsack Face loves sloppy seconds.

Brett Myers/Houston Astros/SP
2-2, 46 ip, 32 k, 3.52 ERA, 1.48 WHIP.
Mixed emotions were abound when the Myers Rollercoaster Express wasn't invited back to town, but there's no denying that the Phils could use some help on this battered pitching staff.

Matt Stairs/San Diego Padres/OF-PH

.182/.513, 3 r, 4 rbi.
Mr. Moonshot shed a midget family from his midsection this offseason, but it didn't seem to help his offensive woes. I miss his gut, but not his bat. Of course, he's right on par with the underachieving Phils bench (finger pointed at you Greg Dobbs and Ben Francisco).

Jack Taschner/Pittsburgh Pirates/RP
1 w, 15 g, 15.2 ip, 15 k, 4.50 ERA, 1.34 WHIP.
I don't want Taschner back, but I do want catcher Ronny Paulino back who the Phils traded to San Fran for Taschner and then the Giants promptly flipped him to the Marlins where he's been hitting ever since. With Brian Schneider on the DL and Chooch blowing a tire, we're looking at Paul Hoover at starting catcher. Yeah, Paulino would be better!

Tyler Walker/Washington Nationals/RP
12 g, 18.2 ip, 20 k, 4.82 ERA, 1.13 WHIP.
Watching him perfusely perspire and pour sweat through his pores leading to a puddle on the mound is something that we still get to witness thanks to MASN. *Note- this image is Tyler Walker, just not the one that plays for the Gnats, this dude came up on Google image search.

Rodrigo Lopez/Arizona Diamondbacks/SP
1-2, 44 ip, 26 k, 4.30 ERA, 1.43 WHIP.
The D-Backs are getting decent value from the minor league flier they took on RoLo.

Eric Bruntlett/Syracuse Chiefs/UTL:

.218/.638 in Triple-A
This is why he's in WSBGMs Hall of Fame?

Miguel Cairo/Cincinnati Reds/UTL

.148/.333, 1-13 as PH
Why hasn't he been released? The Reds have pitcher Micah Owings to pinch-hit for crying out loud (.294/.872, 24 r, 33 rbi, 14 dbl, 2 trpl, 9 hr in 177 ab).

Chan Ho Park/New York Yankees/RP
Has only pitched in 3 games this season and is currently on the DL.

Lou Marson/Cleveland Indians/C
.191/.497, 7 r, 1 rbi, 33% caught stealing.
Marson isn't hitting, but neither is 7/9 of the Indians lineup.

Cliff Lee/Seattle Mariners/SP
1-1, 22.1 ip, 15 k, 2.03 ERA, 0.94 WHIP, 3 gs.
Recently activated from the DL and has come just as advertised. Corey is silently crying loudly ranting at his keyboard.


Preserve Jon said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ben Francisco is over-rated. He's John Mayberry with a better scouting report. I've read in several different places that he could be a starting outfielder on many teams.

But, to me, everytime he's in the outfield he looks shaky. While I'm at it, where are the consistent at bats?

I know Valdez is the third option at SS, but year in and year out our bench needs are a quality middle infielder and solid bat from the bench. Not since we had Bruntlett (who caught lightning in a bottle in 2008) and the Gootch in 2007 (now playing in Japan) have we had a good middle infielder on the bench.

GM-Carson said...

Francisco was a starting outfielder before coming to Philly, that's why people say he could start elsewhere (me included). He's looked horrible this season though, but I'm sure the fact that he has less at bats than Cole Hamels has something to do with that.

GM-Carson said...

Here's some fun quotes from Manuel in regards to the crybaby Rockies and buttplugging Mets bitching about possible cheating.

"Because we beat them," Manuel said. "That's why. What the hell? Keep crying. I'm sure if they can steal signs they'll steal them. And believe we will, too, if we can get them. Yeah, we will. Legally. If you're dumb enough to let us get them then that's your fault. That's been in the game for a long time."

"Somebody ought to check on the Mets if they did (complain) because their ... home record is out of this world and they're losing on the road," Manuel said. "That's a good indication sometimes, if you want to know about signs and (stuff). When I see somebody is 17-2 at home and 4-12 on the road I kind of get concerned about that. That kind of crosses my mind."

"Absolutely no," Charlie Manuel said of the accusations. "Absolutely (bleeping) no. Absolutely not."

*I love that Chuck is getting fired up like this. Maybe we can expect a Halladay fastball to Wright's pecker, oops, I mean vagina.

Corey said...

i still cannot believe they traded cliff lee. stupid fucks.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

What Corey said.

ripjgarcia said...

So how are all those prospects that we reloaded our farm system with doing anyway?

Dr. Steve said...

The prospects aren't doing that good, but it's been 1 month of having them. Aumont's numbers don't look that good, but the Phillies have him on a very strict regimen of curveballs (I believe) that leads to him giving up runs. Past that, he looks pretty damn good actually. Throws in the 90s, and consistently. Also, 1, 2, 3 innings.

The batter guy hasn't been hitting well, but it's early on and cold. I think all three will contribute to the Phillies eventually.

GM-Carson said...

Gillies ain't hitting shit in Reading, and Aumont isn't getting enough batters out there.

JC Ramirez is doing okay, but that's it- okay, not good, not bad, just okay.

I said I'd give this a year to shake out and evaluate, but I'm really starting to hate the Cliff Lee trade too.

Preserve Jon said...

I think the time has come for a simple but tasteful red t-shirt with white block lettering that says simply, "Keep Crying!"

Bob D said...

Gillies was put on the DL strained Hammy

Bob D said...

Well if Lidge is out call up: Scott Mathieson, 26 =13 games; 2-0 with an 0.54 ERA; 5 saves; 16.2 IP 9H 1 ER 4BB 18K; 0.84 WHIP; .185 vs. LH, .179 vs. RH; .182 with RISP.

David said...

The prospects are a bunch of ifs in my mind, and like I always say, if doesn't give me much security at night. If is nothing more than a sometimes entertaining notion, like IF my Aunt had balls she'd be my Uncle

GM-Carson said...

Your Aunt has balls, that's gotta look funny.