Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mr. Perfect

Roy Halladay joined an elite group of pitchers to hurl a perfect game in Major League history, becoming only the 20th to do so. It was the 10th no-hitter in franchise history (Charlie Ferguson, Red Donahue, Chick Fraser, Johnny Lush, Jim Bunning, Rick Wise, Terry Mulholland, Tommy Greene, and Kevin Millwood being the others). It was the 3rd MLB no-hitter this season (Ubaldo Jimenez and Dallas Braden) and 2nd perfect game (Braden).


*Grand Pappy Moyer fits right in with the retired old heads of Florida and it shows in his performance when there- 8 wins in 9 starts with a 1.66 ERA. Like the Karate Kid Danielson, go for the sweep!

*Brad Lidge tossed a perfect inning for Single-A Clearwater and hopes to return from the DL as early as Monday.

*Possible cut? I've been advocating the release of Greg Dobbs recently, and will not stop until- A) he starts to hit, or B) he's sent packing. With Jimmy Rollins set to come off the DL on June 6th Wilson Valdez's time may be up. However, I suggest keeping him and letting Dobbs go.

*Placido Polanco will have a MRI done today on his sore left elbow. This injury has been lingering for over a month now thanks to a Tim Hudson fastball. The next time the Phils face Hudson, they should make like Ludacris and "throw them 'bows."


ripjgarcia said...

While we are getting rid of Dobbs, Francisco needs to be shown the door as well.

Andrew said...

and here we go right back with the shutouts....

Aaron said...

I can't watch anymore of Castro, schneider, valdez, francisco and dobbs.
Seriously no runs again????
Fucking again?????

They suck

ripjgarcia said...

Actually Valdez hasn't been that bad, but the with the other 3 I absolutely agree.

GM-Carson said...

Schneider is horrible. Giving him 2 years and multi-millions was retarded. His production/job can be done by any AAA/AA catcher.

Dobbs is lost. He should get lost.

Utley, Howard, Werth, and Ibanez shoulder the blame though. Get it done!