Sunday, May 09, 2010

Minors & Pink Bats

The following is a roundup of some of the minor league standouts from the early portion of the 2010 season in the Phillies system.

Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs:
John Mayberry Jr./OF- .289/.893, 19 r, 17 rbi, 13 xbh
Scott Mathieson/RP- 5 sv, 0.61/0.89, 16 k in 14.2 ip
Nate Bump/SP- 4 w, 2.75/1.33

Reading Phillies:
Domonic Brown/OF- .342/1.071, 16 r, 19 rbi, 15 xbh
Yohan Flande/SP- 2.80/1.33

Clearwater Threshers:
Cody Overbeck/3B- .362/1.132, 19 r, 23 rbi, 21 xbh
Matt Rizzott/DH- .347/.847, 16 r, 10 rbi
Autin Hyatt/SP- 5 w, 2.34/1.04, 39 k in 34.2 ip
Trevor May/SP- 2.25/1.13, 39 k in 24 ip
Justin DeFratus/RP- 6 sv, 2.08/1.15, 15 k in 13 ip

Lakewood BlueClaws:
Jeremy Barnes/SS- .318/.848, 16 r, 14 rbi, 12 xbh, 4 sb
Leandro Castro/OF- .302/.801, 20 r, 28 rbi, 13 xbh, 6 sb
Darin Ruf/1B- .293/.908, 18 r, 15 rbi, 11 xbh
Adam Buschini/2B- .280/.822, 20 r, 14 rbi, 14 xbh, 5 sb
Nicholas Hernandez/SP- 1.98/0.98, 40 k in 41 ip
Jarred Cosart/SP- 3 w, 2.70/0.90, 29 k in 23 ip
Joshua Zeid/RP- 0.49/0.82, 4 sv, 16 k in 18.1 ip

In honor of Mother's Day and MLB's effort to support breast cancer awareness, players will don pink wristbands today while others will wield pink bats. Real men wear pink right?


Zac said...

Speak softly and carry a big pink stick.

Corey said...

i just watched the 4th and 5th innings of the game. what a mess. 5 walks. 4 hits. 1 bat-around. 1 non-cover of first. classic hamels.

it took him 39 pitches but at least he limited the damage to only three runs. i hope to god i don't have to watch him be so unlucky in the 6th...

Andrew said...

Is it really that hard to throw strikes to the opposing pitcher?

Aaron said...

Hold onto you nut sacks gentleman here comes Lidge.

Aaron said...

if the wind isn't blowing like it is Lidge would have given up back to back bombs and blown the save.

GM-Carson said...

Lidge got it done. Yes the balls were hit hard, but it's a W for the Phils and 1-2-3 save for Lidge.

Hamels looked awful. Hard to believe the Braves only got to him for 3. Damn, he's so unlucky.

ripjgarcia said...

11 first pitch strikes against 26 batters faced makes for an uphill climb for a starting pitcher no matter how lucky/unlucky

Lynn said...

The whole "Hamels' BABIP proves he was unlucky in 2009" theory annoys the hell out of me. I'll admit I don't really understand sabremetrics, but is it really that he was unlucky in 2009, or was he really LUCKY in 2008?

David said...

Did anyone notice that the "studs" they traded Cliff Lee away for didn;t even warrant a mention in the recap? Good trade Rube!