Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Game 1 just wrapped up and now we have a bit of time until the beginning of Game 2. To help pass the time while you brood over Miguel Olivo's 5-5 day at the plate and game-winning homerun, here's some thoughts to ponder during intermission.

What's Going On?
Grand Pappy Moyer is going for win #263 coming off that brilliant 2-hit shutout on Saturday. Keep an eye on homeruns in the game, because if Jamie allows 2 that will be an unsightly total of 500 bombs allowed during his career. Jason Hammel, fresh off the DL, goes for the Rox. He had a 9.16 prior to inactivity, so lets hope that trend continues now that he's activated.

Whiny-ass Frenchman Jeff Francoeur had this to say after learning about the Phillies extra 3 home games this season, “That’s just bullshit. That’s really not fair. That’s just not fair. It’s ridiculous. Absolutely crazy.” I understand his complaint, but seriously you're on the Mets, you should be bitching about your state of being, not the Phillies, Blue Jays, MLB, or the price of rice in China.

DL Bound?
Problem- Brad Lidge and his ailing elbow went back to Philly to get checked out by Dr. Ciccotti. Prediction- 15 day DL stint that ends up lasting at least 2 months. Solution- drink heavily and call up Scott Mathieson.

Mick Billmeyer with some binoculars and Shane Victorino on the bullpen phone is the evidence the Rockies submitted to MLB as proof of sign stealing. MLB then promptly issued a formal warning to the Phillies. Who gives a shit? Everyone in MLB steals signs, and if they don't they should. Charlie Manuel's response, "Keep crying". Now that's a manager.

For Dinner?

Eat- Penne with sausage and red sauce. Drink- homemade black & blueberry bock.


Matty said...

The result of this game was inevitable. You could see it coming. Halladay allowed base runners in every inning, and it was just a matter of time before they got to him.

Even though Durbin has pitched well so far this year, he didn't have it today. He started every batter out at 2-0, and it was just a matter of time for him too. In the 8th inning when they showed Beimel standing the pen waiting to see if he was going to be called on, and wasn't, I knew he would be the winning pitcher. You could just tell the way the game was going.

And what was Durbin thinking in the 10th? You're facing a guy who is 4 for 4, so what does he do. First pitch right down the middle. See ya later.

You could just tell.

ripjgarcia said...

Every pitcher has a bad game. At least he didn't go all Darth Santana and give up 10 runs in an inning.

Bloodstripes said...

Crappy loss. If Chooch isn't hurt he scores Phils win. Too many errors, too cold.
Hope Chooch is alright. 1st and 2nd choice catcher, SS and closer banged up. Phils are just hangin' in there. Very keen to get Jimmy and Happ back. Mathieson deserves a look.

Will be rooting for Florida and Colorado thursday to extend Phils lead. Muck the fets!

Anonymous said...

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GM-Carson said...

Game 2 never happened. Stupid weather.

Chooch being hurt is a scary thought. This team is in bad shape right now.