Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Easiest Decision In The History Of Decisions

The GMs of this blog are away enjoying some well deserved R&R, so not much to say today except this: bring back Pat Burrell.

I don't care what his average is. I don't care if he can't hit any longer. We need Pat the Bat.

Sign the guy from waivers, pay him a prorated portion of $400K, stick him in Lehigh Valley for a few months, bring him up when the rosters expand in September and watch him mash pinch-hit homeruns against the Mets.

It's a win-win-win-win situation. I can't see a single thing wrong with this plan.

Make it happen, Rube.


Adam said...

Well, Corey, you've said some dumb things on this website.

But just when I thought you couldn't possibly say anything dumber, you go and write something like this... and totally redeem yourself!

Seriously, though, there is NO reason not to bring The Bat back.

GM-Carson said...

As soon as I saw he was put on waivers I instantly thought he needed to return. You're my boy Burrell, you're my boy.

ripjgarcia said...

Yawn. Might as well bring Pete Incaviglia back. I'm going back to sleep and NOT dreaming about Pat Burrell sitting on a bench with his shirt off (I forget who's gay ass avatar that is). Wake me up for batting practice.

Preserve Jon said...

DFA'd at the age of 33 after a ten year career. Wow! If the Rays weren't 25 and 10 there is no way they would have done this. That's a lot of salary to eat.

A year and a half in the wrong league.

There's no way he accepts an assignment, so I'd guess he will wait ten days and take his release.

Someone will take a flier, but I don't think it'll be the Phils unless we suffer an injury in the outfield. Even then, he's a Matt Stairs insurance type of player. But his game is just not suited to pinch hitting.

Best case scenario is he platoons for a bad team like Pittsburgh or Cincinnati. PB seems like the type of player the Pirates specialize in signing. I could see this happening. So lets bring Pat back to PA, just not for the Fightins...

GM-Carson said...

Pat Burrell as a Phucco? Alright.

SirAlden said...

Pat the Bat would be smart to go play AAA and see if he can ever play again, if he is healthy at the moment.

Think of it Pat, think of the Glory Days, think of the girls of the Minor League Towns - Allentown, Harrisburg, take a Ride on the Reading. Think how
their eyes will open so wide when you Stride into the Bar with Corey and Carson as your Wingmen.

Corey said...

i forgot to add one thing to the post - when the phillies sign burrell they can let jayson werth go in free agency because they will have the righty power bat to replace him. see ya werth, pat the bat is back!

Andrew said...

Gay ass avatar?? You're just jealous.

You guys may be kidding or not. But I'm totally serious that signing Burrell to a minor league deal, if the opportunity arises, is brilliant. Like Corey said, bring him up when rosters expand and use him as a pinch hitter. Can he be any worse than previous players Bruntlett or Taguchi? Nope. And when its all said and done, he gets to retire as a Phillie.

ripjgarcia said...

"when the phillies sign burrell they can let jayson werth go in free agency because they will have the righty power bat to replace him."

Crack is whack.

No Doug Davis tonight.. heart condition DL'd him.. Dave Bush instead.

Corey said...

in fact, they could probably just put burrell in right field now and trade jayson werth for pitching. i'm thinking werth to seattle for lee?

Bloodstripes said...


Phillies too good for 'em.

Bloodstripes said...

JC looked good.

Big ups to Hoover and Valdez too.

Phils a real TEAM.

GM-Carson said...

Hoover making MLB minimum has already produced more than Schneider who was signed to a 2 year deal making $1+ each season. Silly.

For what it's worth- I'm pretty sure Corey was serious about signing Burrell.