Saturday, May 08, 2010

Did That Just Happen?

Which one of these doesn't seem to fit:
A) 2 hits
B) No walks
C) Zero runs
D) 105 pitches
E) Complete game shutout
F) 47 years old

Without letter F you may have thought the above was a list of accomplishments from Tim Lincecum, Roy Halladay, Ubaldo Jimenez, Chris Carpenter, or pretty much any other top-tier pitcher in the majors last outing. Instead, it belongs to MLB's elder statesman Jamie Moyer. Grand Pappy was absolutely phenomenal last night in his dismantling of the Braves lineup, with the only blemish coming from the bat of Troy Glaus (2 hits). Moyer became the oldest pitcher to ever toss a shutout, and currently has the 2nd best stats for a starting pitcher on the Phils staff behind Doc. As readers of this fine blog may recall, I did not endorse Moyer for the rotation, so today I offer my sincere apology to Grand Pappy. He may crumble and see his ERA balloon to 5+ come season's end, but for now he's doing an commendable job and deserves respect.
"There's no ands, ifs, or buts about it. We didn't really barrel much hard. The guy is 87 years old and he's still pitching for a reason. He stays off of people's barrels. That's what he did. That's about as well pitched of a game by a guy who throws 80 mph that I've ever seen."
~Chipper Jones


furiousBall said...

i was working during the game and missed it, but hell yeah Jamie!

Dr. Steve said...

And we're all aware he was two hits away from a Perfect Game, right?

I hope he faces the Braves again and does it.

GM-Carson said...

I'd love the Phils to go on a tear and just rip off like 7 or so in a row.

Hopefully Blanton doesn't hit a wall in the 7th today like he did in his 1st start.

By the way, for "personal reasons" Manuel will not be managing today's game.

Matty said...

Every year his stats indicate that he isn't getting it done. But every year he has double digit wins. He's an anomaly.

GM-Carson said...

Moyer's WHIP is down to 1.08, and that is very good. His success is coming from lack of baserunners, because when he gets baserunners on he's in trouble because of his lack of ability for the strikeout.

GM-Carson said...

Greg Dobbs and Ryan Howard setting themselves up nicely for Howards today with ugly errors in the 1st.

GM-Carson said...

Carlos Ruiz was supposed to have the day off, but Schneider injured his Achilles and Chooch is in to start the 4th.

Schneider and Castro are the non-DL'd wounded. Phils depth is no depth at all right now.

By the way, Manuel's "personal reason" for not managing the game today- his daughter is getting married.

Bloodstripes said...

Well done Grand Pappy. What a champ.

C'mon Phils, smoke this Saito outta here!

GM-Carson said...

Tons of baserunners today, but horrible situational hitting. Yeah, those Phils are back, at least for 1 game.

Bloodstripes said...

Not one hit off their bullpen. An off day all round.

Do it for Mum next game Phils.

ripjgarcia said...

If Schneider is DL'd I say we bring up Tuffy Gosewisch from Reading based on name alone.

GM-Carson said...

Personally I'm a Paul Hoover fan (Triple A catcher), because if he sucks then the correlation is obvious.