Monday, April 19, 2010

What's the #?

A. The difference between Steve Jeltz double and triple totals.
B. Plus the amount of career wins from the pitchers that came to Philly in the Scott Rolen trade.
C. Divided by the number of seasons spent in the NL by the player the Phils sent to Houston in the Curt Schilling trade.
D. Times innings pitched by Billy Brewer in 1998.
E. Minus Mike Lieberthal's minor league triples.
What's the #?


Jeremy said...


Joseph said...


Corey said...


GM-Carson said...

Where are the negative #'s coming from?

No decimals.

GM-Carson said...

Bad news- Happ's being skipped this time through the rotation. Just imagine if he goes down, really screwed then.

ripjgarcia said...


GM-Carson said...


Joseph said...

I wanna see the actually numbers

GM-Carson said...

A. Jeltz doubles 46/triples 20, difference of 26.
B. Career wins by Timlin and Bud Smith 82.
C. Jason Grimsley NL seasons 4.
D. Billy Brewer innings 1/3.
E. Lieberthal minor league triples 3.

Joseph said...

Gotcha. I was multiplying by .1 as opposed to 1/3.

Trick question

Jeremy said...

Same here

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