Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Notes

Brad Lidge pitched two innings last night for Reading. He recorded four Ks and threw 23 of 33 pitches for strikes.

Joe Blanton will make his third rehab appearance today. He has pitched five scoreless minor league
innings so far this season.

Cliff Lee pitched six scoreless innings for Tacoma a few days ago and is scheduled to make his 2010 major league debut on Friday.

What About Werth
From Jayson’s agent, Jeff Borris: "I've had dialogue with (Philadelphia general manager) Ruben (Amaro Jr.) since the winter meetings. I don't want to rule out the possibility of his re-signing with the Phillies, but it would appear right now we're at an impasse."

Chase Utley is now two for his last twenty.

The Phillies are one for their last 5. The Mets are now in first place.

NL East Stuff
Great quote from ex-Brave Brian Jordan about our often injured friend Chipper: “As you get older, you've got to work out a little harder to prevent injury and I'm not sure if he's really dedicating himself. He's so used to — you know, I played with him so long — just sitting around and waiting for the game, and take a couple jogs and go play. But as you get older, you know, you cannot do that. You've gotta go the extra mile to be ready to play.”

Interestingly, the totally hypocritical Jordan played only 150 in two of fifteen major league seasons due to football commitments and frequent injuries. Glad to see Brian Jordan making totally unsubstantiated criticisms. He’d make the perfect blogger.

The Eaton Watch
WSBGMs will be giving out another yearly award, the Adam Eaton Award, given to the Phillies worst starting pitcher. We'll be tracking the contenders randomly. In the first edition of the Eaton Watch, it seems to be a two man race:
      2-2             0-0       W-L
5.25 7.71 ERA
1.42 1.77 WHIP
.293 .316 BAA
-1 -1 Luck Factor
Today’s Matchup
Cole Hamels versus Tim Lincecum at 3:45 on MLB Network. Shit. Of course, Cole did throw a 2-hit shutout versus the Giants last season so maybe he has some confidence. But then again, even if he throws a great game Lincecum likely won’t give up more than a run or two. Remember, Lincecum is the luckiest pitcher in baseball (aka Cy Young winner.) Prediction – sweeeeeep…for the Giants.


GM-Carson said...

Cole will get "unlucky" and give up 4 over 5.2 ip.

News- Phils are skipping Figueroa's start and moving Halladay to Saturday.

furiousBall said...

this west coast trip has been a rough one, hopefully we start getting healthy and can get some more W's. Howard not running out that double early in the game killed me.

Andrew said...

Castro is looking great in the field and even decent at the bat, but Rollins and his "spark plug" role cannot come back soon enough.

GM-Carson said...

Lidge, Rollins, and Blanton are needed ASAP.

I'm glad these games are so late, that way I'm not tempted to watch the entire ugly thing.

Preserve Jon said...

Unfortuantely, I'm out of 1210's radio reach in DE and just downloaded MLB's Iphone app. Popped that puppy in the alarm clock on the nightstand and these last couple of nights I've been falling asleep to the Phils for the first time in many years. Awesome.

Any word on JRoll's status? All I've heard is he will not be ready when eligible to be activated. Are we days or weeks away?

GM-Carson said...

Last I heard on J-Roll is they decided to to amputate his calf and put a pig's liver there instead...not sure what the timetable for return is yet.

Scottie said...

I've been watching the road trip games on - last night's game was hard to stomach. The Phil's bats made Willemeyer look like a stud - the Giants' announcers kept raving about how he was dealing. I guess, but easier when you are pitching against the Phils these days. I'm having a hard time seeing this team returning to the W.S. - the bats will come around (well, maybe not Ibanez), but the pitching staff is not good.

Bob D said...

Willemeyer is not the CyYoung winner from last year? Oh, it looked as if he was last night.

Rollins, atleast 2+weeks away
Blanton, Lidge, Happ all possibly be back in a week

Aaron said...

COLE HAMELS YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron said...


Bloodstripes said...

Good prediction Carson.

At least our 125 million dollar man can hit Lincecum.

Aaron said...

WTF is herdon doing in this game??

Bloodstripes said...

Can't keep a good team down. Werths double was in by millimetres.

Herndon, Schnieder, Valdez getting it done. Setting it up for the big boys.

Lets go Phils!!

Bloodstripes said...

Alright a Howard from Howard. Including that good play to home plate he has done it all today. He's our champ.

Anyway, about bloody time that game was won. Almost lost it 3 times. A top win all in all. The flight home will be a good one.

Psych up Phils and muck those fets!

GM-Carson said...

What a crazy messed up game that was.

Phils looked like shit, but managed the win.

Hamels and Madson are just plain bad right now. Neither of them can get the job done or do what they're paid to.

Schneider's play at the plate was awesome, because Howard made a bad throw.

Ryan Howard with his 2nd Howard of the season already. 4 may have been a modest prediction.

ripjgarcia said...

I was just reading the recap of the game as came across the stat that Lincecum allowed NO home runs at home last year. That's scary.

GM-Carson said...

Lincecum is scary. Thank goodness he's in the NL East and the Phils only face him twice a year tops.