Saturday, April 03, 2010

STFU Schilling...Or Don't. I Prefer The Latter.

One of the useful things about the two-blogger system we run here at WSBGMs is that Carson and I often disagree on topics and can provide opposing arguments. Our views on the latest Curt Schilling comments, and on Curt Schilling himself, is another one of these instances. To review the situation, scroll down a bit to yesterday's post or go to and read it when it was done the first time two days ago, then come back. I'll wait.


First, Schilling is right. No way should the Phillies have traded Lee. It was a mistake and most fans think that way. In fact, many bloggers and mainstream media types have written about it that way. Schilling wasn't breaking news and saying anything outrageous.But I get it, the outrage isn't really about what Schilling said, it's more about Schilling's status as "asshole" that should preclude him from speaking to the media.

As a Phillies fan, I guess I'm supposed to hate Schilling. He didn't win a ring in Philly. He criticized the front office when we all know how great management was at the time Schilling was here. He did that whole "towel over the head" thing in the World Series. I mean, can you imagine a worse offense? The guy put a towel over his head!!!! I can't believe he hasn't been banned from baseball.

After leaving Philadelphia he went on to win two championships, although he did it in a pretty punk bitch way. The day of Game 7 of the 2001 Series, Pedro Gomez wrote of Schilling, "the country... has discovered Schilling's little secret, the one baseball insiders have known for years but has rarely surfaced into the mainstream. Schilling is something of a con man." Schilling then went out and "conned" his way through 7+ innings and 9 Ks, raising his Series ERA to a "con-like" 1.12 before hoisting the trophy. Then in 2004 he pitched 6 scoreless innings in a World Series start on an injured ankle. You remember the bloody sock that of course was totally faked to make all of us think he was injured when he really wasn't. What a little con man bitch.

But forget baseball there are all the other horrible things that Curt Schilling does and says.

He said Barry Bonds was a cheat. Obviously that's not true.

He supports so many charities it would take another post just to list them all. What an ass.

He's a Republican, which means he drinks the blood of children, but only if they are poor children of Democrats. Rich children get to keep their blood. At least that is what Keith Olbermann told me.

He thinks A-Rod is "bush league" and Manny is a douche. Wow, how out of touch with reality is this guy?

And he plays video games, but not cool games like Call of Duty or Madden, so he's a loser, too.

Sarcasm aside, I get why people don't like this guy. He's a pompous blowhard who likes attention and isn't afraid to speak his opinion and achieved great success after leaving Philadelphia. But I like that. I find people like Schilling interesting and I'm interested in what they have to say, right or wrong, politically correct or not.

Schilling is baseball's version of Charles Barkley, except Barkley never won a championship, and I like Charles, too. Maybe if Schilling would just get arrested for soliciting a prostitute, roll off a few off-colored jokes, and be just a touch racist, maybe people would appreciate him like they do that lovable jokester Charles.


David said...

Great post. I have no issue with a guy challenging an organization to man up, spend some money, and go after a title already. When Schill was here, the Phils were at their cheapest and stupidest. He is and was 100% right to call them on the carpet.

I think hindsight will prove to be the best indicator of the Lee trade, but I hate it and will wear my Lee jersey in protest all year.

Different topic, but I have an Uncle who is a baseball guy (40 years high school coach) who goes to Spring training every year and is pretty even keeled in his assessments. When he saw them play, he said the Phils didn't look very good. In particular, their pitching looked shoddy. He also said the Braves looked fantastic. Is anyone else worried about a comedown year where the Bravos re-assert themselves and the Phils read their own SI clippings and just struggle. WIth these injuries early, I see a tough start.

furiousBall said...

I agree with basically everything David said. You really can't call the Lee trade a bad move yet.

Corey said...

sure, you can't officially call the lee trade bad yet, i'm just placing my bet, sort of speak.

as for david's comments, i agree completely. the braves are going to be the toughest competition for the phils and with hanson, jurrjens, lowe, hudson they have solid enough pitching to avoid slumps and compete every game. if they get production from heyward and glaus they could be real tough. however, hudson is always ready to fall apart, same with chipper and glaus. can wagner pitch all year? will heyward struggle? can they get much from melky, diaz, etc? so they have their own issues, too.

Dr. Steve said...

With rumors that Lee was injured when we traded him, it may let me sleep peacefully, righting the wrongs of that Freddy Garcia trade. And, after seeing Lee's performance in Spring Training, getting injured AND suspended... I think I am glad he's out of here.

Not to mention, he has about six straight bad starts that people LOVE to ignore. He did great in the playoffs, but if he can't help get us there, what good is he?

It is too soon to tell if the trade was good or bad, but the prospects we got for Lee are VERY underrated, and Lee himself seems to have gone from:

pre-trade - underrated
post-trade - very overrated

So, while everyone is waiting to see if Lee will fail for Seattle, I will instead be waiting to see if he succeeds. And from what he has shown me so far, he is not.

GM-Carson said...

I'm very worried about the Phils pitching staff, especially backend of the rotation and bullpen.

The Braves look good this year. I'm picking them to win the NL Wild Card.

And, I don't hate Schilling, he was a great pitcher and he does many good things with his life (charities and what not). I just wish he'd shut his trap on a lot of subjects. And to say it was a "stupid, stupid move" is just a stupid, stupid statement.

Corey said...

is it really stupid to think that having cliff lee is better than frenchy, deafy and sucky?

GM-Carson said...

Was the Cliff Lee trade a good one? No, but at the same time it most certainly was not a "stupid, stupid move". I don't disagree with moving Lee in light of getting Halladay, I just wish Rube could have gotten a better package back. But then again, maybe Gillies becomes an every MLB outfielder and Aumont becomes a decent starting pitcher, then the deal seems decent.

SirAlden said...


What if your child was deaf?

speedy, is better. Back on the short bus for you corey.

Corey said...

speedy is a retarded nickname.

GM-Carson said...

And what exactly would "Deafy" be?

Corey said...

a "deaf" person suffers from ahearing impairment which could be due an number of reasons. so, "deafy" could be used to refer to anyone with such an impairment. to use it in a sentence: the phillies traded cy-youngy to the mariners for some people including a deafy and a really tall frenchy even though they didn't have too and keeping cy-youngy would have given them two cy-youngies and a world-series-mvp-y although i'm sure this will work out just great and that ramirez guy will become a cy-youngy.

Bob D said...

The Lee trade was OK, but imagine the team if it had traded Blanton (comparable salary) for what would have been maybe 2 prospects. would have been 4 leftys and 1 righty. So I see where trading Lee made sense here.

Many people have critiqued this trade. Just because Schill is so adored here that we have a blog about his comments. Awesome! Happy Easter and playball!

SirAlden said...

I am pretty sure now that

Corey is a Core.

GM-Carson said...

Yep, Corey indeed is Core...Hardcore bitches!!!

Corey said...

i'm so hardcore they call me hardcorey

GM-Carson said...

That's your porn name right?