Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Punisher

Tim Hudson is a great pitcher. Lifetime 149-78 record, 3.48 ERA, 1.26 WHIP. When it comes to facing Ryan Howard though power prevails. Howard has punished Hudson, taking him deep 5 times in 34 at bats, batting .353 with an outrageous 1.287 OPS. If Doc Halladay is on his game tonight, The Punisher may single-handily provide enough offense for the win.

Offensive Insight:
*The Phillies who have routinely been among the MLB leaders in stolen bases still have only 3 this season (tied for worst in the majors).

*The Phillies who have routinely been among the MLB leaders in strikeouts have struckout an MLB low 71 times.

*Despite a severe 3-game drought, the Phillies offense still leads the majors with 81 runs scored.


GM-Carson said...

Can we erect a Roy Halladay statue outside of Citizens Bank Park now?

phillies123 said...

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Aaron said...

Here are some early stats to make you feel a little better about some of the guys the Phils have traded away.

Kyle Drabek has an ERA in the 5's.
Michael Taylor is hitting .245 in the minors.
Lou Marson is hitting a mighty .080 for the Tribe.

Jason Donald is hitting .288 in the minors which is decent but doesn't make me go ......damn I wish we would have held on to that guy we could use a .288 hitter in the minors.

Carrasco unfortunately has been pretty good so far but I expect that to change soon.

Patricia said...

As far as the base stealing goes, is Davy Lopes back with the team yet? I know he had a family thing that he was taking a leave of absences. (My apologies for not knowing if he is back yet, I'm back from travel and just bought the extra innings package).

If that is the case, that has a LOT to due with the lack of base stealing. He is one of the best in the game as far as reading pitchers and giving the runners the go ahead.

Once he is back on his game, look for him the Phillies to start swiping bags again.

GM-Carson said...

Lopes returned for the first home game.