Sunday, April 18, 2010

One Big Bad Inning

To the naked eye Jamie Moyer has been what Niecy Nash refers to as a hot mess. With a 7.50 ERA, that would be a fair assessment. However, dig a bit deeper and it's not as bad as it seems. Moyer has pitched 12 innings and 10 of those innings have seen the opposition go scoreless. For you math geniuses that leaves 2 innings that haven't been scoreless, and in those 2 innings the opponent has scored 10 runs. In his first start the 3rd inning smacked him around like Chris Brown on Rhianna, and last night it was the 1st inning making him his bitch. If Jamie can just get rid of that one big bad inning, he might actually help this team.

Speaking of pitchers that need to step up their game, Cole Hamels goes for the Phils this afternoon in his 3rd start of the season. Can he muster at least a quality start (6 ip with 3 er or less) or will he peter out and smile gaily in the dugout like he did his job because he's in line for the W after barely escaping 5 innings?

I'm a dick, why do I make fun of him? The man is clearly awesome, he does Comcast commercials after all.


Corey said...

6 innings with 3 ER or less. six innings and four earned is the "moyer quality start."

instead of "hot mess," how about philadlephia's own "the holy mess."

Dr. Steve said...

Jamie Moyer did not help the Phillies win that game, but the Phillies could have decided to not role play the 2009 World Series and score 1 run.

GM-Carson said...

Shit, zero runs today. Wow, this offense can easily be silenced at times.

ripjgarcia said...

On a positive note, Cole had a pretty darn good game.

Bob D said...

Cole breezed thru the Marlins bats. He was quick with his pitches and ahd a great tempo going. HR allowed on that dreaded cutter thingy.
As hot as this team gets they will also have cold spells too.