Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Mighty Castro

A 38 year old utility infielder by trade has thrived in the absence of an All-Star caliber regular. Juan Castro has filled in admirably for Jimmy Rollins thus far, batting a cool .400 through the first 4 games of J-Roll's DL stint. As a lifetime .231 hitter, it's highly doubtful that Castro continues this torrid pace and challenges Ted Williams modern day batting average. However, he's almost outperformed his predecessor Eric Bruntlett. Castro 15:6 ab/rbi, Bruntlett 105:7. Yeah, Bruntlett sucked.

Warm Gushy Feelings:
Is it gay if I'm dreaming of Roy Halladay feeding me grapes in a cabana on the beach, with intermittent giggles, and suntan lotion involved in an unnamed manner? If so, I'm totally homo! Seriously though, Doc is amazing. 3 games started, 3 wins, 1.13 ERA, 24 ip (avg 8 ip per start). Enough said.

OhNO He Didn't:
It seems the Phillies celebrate every heritage at the Brick Cit House nowadays. Irish, Asian-Pacific, African-American, White Anglo Saxon Protestant, Latin, Mongolian, Norwegian, Peruvian, name it, they celebrate it. Way to be multi-cultural. Now even Angelina Jolie's adopted rugrats and Apolo Ohno have a place to kick it.

Grand Pappy Moyer, he of a 13-4 record and 2.93 ERA against the Marlins, gets the ball in hopes of notching career victory #260. He's also looking for his first career homerun, so we can all cross our fingers for that.


Dr. Steve said...

People say Moyer wants to hit 300 wins. And that is admirable, but he'd need to continue playing for four seasons for good enough teams to hit 10 wins each - who thinks he has that in him?

Bob D said...

Aaron "Fence Face" Rowand broke more bones in his face yesterday when he stopped a Vincente Padilla fastball with his face. Now on DL, I hope he heals ok

GM-Carson said...

2/5 of our rotation sucks. KK and Moyer are just bad.

Dr. Steve said...

So... how do we fix our rotation?

Cole Hamels is untouchable, for the sole sake of hoping he puts together a string of good games and we trade him/he improves (LOL)

J.A. Happ is good. He's at least not self-destructing yet.

Joe Blanton has always been solid. When he returns hopefully he will be solid again.

Moyer didn't pitch poorly exactly, he "settled down". I want him gone, but he's not the biggest concern.

Kyle Kendrick sucks and needs to get off this team and any affiliates as soon as possible.

BUT - what can we trade for a good starting pitcher at this point? Or do we wait it out for the offseason and sign someone.

Aaron said...

Moyer sucks
Kendrick sucks

Come back soon Joe b!

GM-Carson said...

Dr. Steve- the answer is easy, sign Pedro.

Dr. Steve said...

Pedro would be an improvement. He would only blow the game in the fourth or fifth instead of the first.