Monday, April 26, 2010

Know Your Enemy - San Francisco

Do You Pay Property Tax On This Park Bench?
I love San Francisco. It’s a city full of great views, great food and great beer. Alcatraz is really cool. And it’s only a short drive to Napa or Monterey. But there are also some negatives, first of which is the ridiculously high number of homeless people. The city almost has as many homeless as New York City even though the size and population of San Francisco is considerably smaller. You can’t really enjoy the parks in the city because they are basically “homes” for the homeless. One Saturday at the small park where Market St. meets the Embarcadero, every single bench was adorned with at least one shelterless ex-hippie. I would call it a homeless problem but I don’t think the residents of San Francisco think it’s a problem. Hell, at one time the city was giving the homeless cash handouts. Food? Water? Clothes? No, straight cash homey! They had to create a program, "Care Not Cash," to stop giving money handouts to the homeless. Not to be completely insensitive to the plight of the homeless, but these acid wasted hippie freaks ruin the city in many ways, almost worse than the flocks of transvestite hookers that crowd the Tenderloin.

Aubrey Huff Might Be Special
“It makes it even more amazing what Barry Bonds did. I just can't believe someone can hit 73 homers here. It's mind-boggling.” Mind-boggling? What, you can’t comprehend how massive amounts of steroids can make a guy so strong he could hit a ball 600 feet? Every time I hear quotes like this I’m amazed at how quick people forget, or want us to forget, about how all those home runs were hit. I wish he would have said, “I’m going to do a hell of a lot of steroids to hit homeruns here."

If You Live Here, You May Be An Asshole
I’m know this is a drastic generalization and completely unfair to the majority of people in San Francisco that I’m sure are very nice, but I’ve never encountered as many assholes as I did in my two visits to the Bay Area. And I visit Long Island like seven or eight times a year.

Spelt Rong

Team Stat Comparison
SF - .270-15-70, .803 OPS, 5 steals
Phil - .279-20-99, .747 OPS, 5 steals

SF - 2.78 ERA, 1.16 WHIP, even Luck
Phil - 3.85 ERA, 1.34 WHIP, -2 Luck

Surprisingly, the offensive stats are fairly even. You would expect an decisive Phillies advantage but some power bats have been relatively quiet (Howard, Ibanez), Rollins has been on the DL, and the Giants have gotten homers from eleven different players. Given how hot the Phils were to start the season, this offensive comparison shows you how much they've struggled recently.

It's not surprising that the Giants have better pitching numbers. They've built their team around pitching while the Phils are content to trade away Cy Young award winners. However, if you look closely, the Phils have a -2 Luck Factor, so as soon as their luck changes, they'll have much better numbers...

We love advertising on this blog: gambling websites, books, DVDs, t-shirts, etc. We usually get paid or compensated in some way but there is a place in San Francisco that I’m going to advertise for free because it is that awesome – Boccalone Salumeria at the Ferry Building Marketplace. The sign above the store says “Tasty Salted Pig Parts” and that's exactly what it is. Just the absolute tastiest cured meats and sausage. If you like pig meat, please visit this place if you go to San Francisco.

Probable Starters
Matt Cain
Jonathan Sanchez
Todd Wellenmeyer

The good news for the Phillies is that they avoid the two hottest pitchers on the Giants, Lincecum and Zito. The bad news is that Cain and Sanchez are also pitching very well.

Halladay is pitching this series, right? They'll win one then.


Bob D said...

Give $$$ to the homeless - you may as well buy the drugs then hand them that. Its better to help them by actually buying a loaf of bread for them, then you know where that money is going. Maybe this is the same program that helped Bonds hit 73Hrs in a season :D

Preserve Jon said...

Both this team and I miss Jimmy. The offense has been slumping since he left the lineup (give or take a day or two). Hustle back young James.

Also, chalk this one up to the MLB network for showing a series on great accomplishments on Saturday. I was watching a segment on Rose breaking Ty Cobb's hit record. I forgot how he hunched over at the plate like Quasimoto at the end of his career. Flash forward to yesterday and I saw a bit of Rose in Greg Dobbs' stance. Although he opens up once the ball is delivered, he seems to be hunching over more than I remember at the plate. Anyone else notice this?

GM-Carson said...

Pig is good, especially cured. I may head to San Fran for that place alone. That and I want to visit the Full House house.

Andrew said...

Lincecum is scheduled for Wednesday, unfortunately. No Matt Cain.

GM-Carson said...

Phils lefty bats against Sanchez tonight equals trouble. Halladay might not get any run support.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

I didn't look at the numbers, but I'd like to know how "unlucky" Kyle Kendrick is. Seeing as he's not a strikeout pitcher, all the hits he gets are just unlucky, right? I have to agree that ERA, WHIP and the like aren't perfect, but neither is BABIP. The maddening part is some people can't admit it.

Preserve Jon said...

The Big Piece will be here through 2017. Sweet!

Bob D said...

Howard with a 5 year extension - nice!

Yes I noticed Dobbs hunched over more at the plate too Jon. I don't remember him like that last year. But he was productive.

Anonymous said...

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GM-Carson said...

Wow, didn't see that coming.

He wouldn't have hit free agency until 2012, at which time he'll be 32. $25M a year is crazy big. He better age well for a big guy, which usually isn't the case.

I love having Howard on this team, but that's a lot of years and money to invest in someone his age who is likely already in their prime or maybe even slightly past it.

ripjgarcia said...

Howard extension = good.

Jayson Werth = nice to know you for a little while.

SirAlden said...

What Website are you getting the LUCK Factor Numbers?

I would love to take a look.


BenJah said...

ruben amaro is the WORST gm in the league. i love howard on this team but that is a HORRIBLE contract, and wasnt even necessary. plus, getting cute with halladay/lee was bullshit too

Jack said...

4 hits. 11 strikeouts (some of them pretty ridiculous looking). Francisco alone left 8 men on base.

Halladay is human after all, but he deserved better at bats from the offense tonight.

GM-Carson said...

The Phils bats are horrible right now. I hate watching this team when they can't hit.

The Howard contract is a bad one. Big men don't age well- Mo Vaugh, Frank Thomas, David Ortiz, Jason Giambi...just saying. I'm pretty sure Corey is posting about this tomorrow.

GM-Carson said...

Reading experts' analysis of the Howard deal and nearly every single one of them thinks it's a dumb/bad deal. I agree. Some are even calling it the new worst deal in baseball...ouch. Rube = R-Tard.

GM-Carson said...

Casey McGehee and Alcides Escobar of the Brewers each committed The Howard last night, but Milwaukee still tore up the Pirates for 17 runs and an easy victory. The Pirates are awful.

Bob D said...

The Phils have Howard under contract for the next 6 to 7 years. We should expect good production from him for the next 3 to 4 years before a drop off. However he is in better shape the last 2 years and has gotten better both years. So if he stays healthy keeping him should be a good thing for the team. The price is steep however.

Basically: its not a great contract since they had him locked up for the next 2 years anyway, but its not a horrible idea

GM-Carson said...

I think it is horrible because now you have 2 guys (Halladay/Howard) set to back about $45M between the two of them. I do give Howard credit for getting in better shape, but it hasn't transferred into better offensive production yet. He still k's a ton, can't hit lefties, and is prone to huge slumps. The one thing that has improved is his fielding, not throwing, but fielding is lightyears better than 2 years ago. I just see this deal hindering the Phils because of the length and money.