Friday, April 30, 2010

In Depth NY/Philly Series Preview

Location: Citizens Bank Park aka Brick Cit House
Bad Guys: New York Mets 13-9 in 1st place
Good Guys: Philadelphia Phillies 12-9 .5 games back

Game 1: Jonathan Niese vs. Kyle Kendrick
(0-1, 3.68/1.86) (0-0, 7.71/1.77)
Reason Mets will win: Kyle Kendrick sucks.
Reason Phillies will win: Jonathan Niese sucks.

Game 2: Mike Pelfrey vs. Roy Halladay
(4-0, 0.69/1.19) (4-1, 1.80/0.98)
Reason Mets will win: Umps have a soft spot for retards.
Reason Phillies will win: It's Modell's Kids Run the Bases day at the park, and all kids crossing homeplate will be credited runs for the Phightins.

Game 3: Johan Santana vs. Jamie Moyer
(3-1, 2.08/1.12) (2-2, 5.25/1.42)
Reason Mets will win: Darth Santana light-sabres the Phils every time.
Reason the Phillies will win: Reaching the latter stage of his career, Moyer is in crunch time for new endorsement deals...Depends?


GM-Carson said...

Bastardo was down in the minors for like a minute. He's back due to Madson's dumbassness.

Madson kicked a chair and broke a toe. What a douche!!!

Aaron said...

way to go Madson nice freakin job.
This team is never going to be healthy.

Aaron said...

I'd like to see Scott Mathieson called up from AAA to help out the Pen. He's tearing it up with a sub 1 whip and era and 10 k's in 8 innings of work.

GM-Carson said...

Scott Mathieson has backend of the bullpen type stuff. Time to give the kid a chance now that he's healthy.

GM-Carson said...

Kyle Kendrick is horrible. I admit when I'm wrong, and I was dead wrong on wishing him the 5th starter spot over Moyer. Moyer is bad in his own right, but not to the level of shittiness of KK.

Dr. Steve said...

Is there any reason why Jim Jackson is doing the play by play on the radio? I don't mind it at all, I like JJ and think he's a great announcer, I'm just wondering if Scott Franzke is okay or what.

Dr. Steve said...

Why are you mad about Madson Aaron? The guy has sucked big time lately. Keep him away from the 9th inning, and we'll all be fine (I hope.)

When are we gonna start putting criticism on the rest of the bullpen though? It's not like Danny Baez or those other high-profile prospects have been doing anything.

Also... I mean it's only 4-1, it's not like Kendrick is doing bad... but come on Phillies hit the ball and give your pitchers a break.

Dr. Steve said...

Looks like Herndon got one up on Baez tonight.

Dr. Steve said...

Looks like Brad Lidge is in form.

Preserve Jon said...

Rod Barajas is a piece of sh*t.

Preserve Jon said...

I hear Franzke is ok, he's apparently just getting more time off b/c he's been doing all 9 innings on the radio. That's the official line as I read it, but I can't remember where.
I certainly hope Scottie's fine, because he'd be a terrible loss. JJ goes back to Flyers duty, so I imagine Franzke will be back tomorrow.
Uh oh, Charlie doesn't like what he saw with Lidge. Or maybe it's just the pitch count.

Corey said...

the phillies are not a very good team right now. kendrick and moyer aren't good enough for the pirates, let alone the phils. blanton is hurt, hamels is terrible. oh, sorry, unlucky. halladay is the only decent starting pitcher they have and the offense is either hurt or terrible. sound familiar? it's the '09 mets!

the curse of the cliff lee trade will haunt this team...

Dr. Steve said...

personally corey, seeing how bad the team is right now, I rather like trading our big-name players for prospects. And the guys we got for Cliff Lee are good.

And by the time they're ready, the Phillies might have learned to hit the ball. So it's a win-win!

David said...

"The guys we got for Cliff Lee are good". That may be true as I am ignorant on minor league goings on, but can anyone provide some detail on how the return in that trade has performed? I keep looking for them to contribute in a meaningful way the way Cliff Lee will in Seattle, but they seem to be a healthy scratch on the every day roster.

Or in a nutshell, this team's ineptitude on the mound is already doing it in. Hitters go through odd streaks like this. unfortunately, they way the Phils are built, they can't because they need to score 5-7 runs a game to have a prayer of winning. Sad.

Bring on the Eagles!

GM-Carson said...

Horrible game, just horrible.

Mets look good, Phillies look horrible.

Herndon is entirely too hittable, like ball on tee hittable.

Dr. Steve said...

What the hell? Herndon went two scoreless innings (Minus an inherited runner.) What more do you want him to do in relief, injure the entire opposing team?

Dr. Steve said...

Looking at his line, he had 1 hit.

Of all the pitchers to complain about on this team, you're gonna complain about someone fresh out of Double A? We have Baez and Lidge in action last night and they took a shit on the floor. And they're our VETERANS.

GM-Carson said...

Baez is a huge disappointment. Huge! He serves more meatballs than a Guido in Lil Italy.

Lidge just came back. Just got his feet wet.

Sorry for picking on Herndon, undeserved today.

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