Sunday, April 25, 2010

Herndon Experiment has Failed

There's a reason not many Rule 5 draftees survive on a Major League roster all season, they're usually just not that good or not nearly ready. Case in point- David Herndon, today's loser. Many relievers have high ERAs early in the season due to a bad outing or two and limited innings, so 7.04 isn't anything abysmal. Delve into the stats and you will find horribleness though, like a 2.61 WHIP. Now, before someone goes and cries "unlucky" on me, I will just kindly flip them the two-fisted middle-finger salute and headbutt them into understanding things my way. See, Herndon has allowed 18 hits and 2 walks in only 7.2 innings pitched. That's bad, no defending it. He's out of his league. When Brad Lidge returns, it should be Herndon going to the minors or back to the Angels if they want him. The David Herndon experiment has failed, so please end it.


Dr. Steve said...

I was gonna write something similar. I like Herndon a lot, and I'm sure he's going to be a good pitcher, but I really doubt our ability to keep him. Which is a shame.

BUT to be very honest, if the Lidge we get is the 2009 Lidge... Herndon's better.

GM-Carson said...

I could see Herndon becoming a Clay Condrey like reliever someday in the Bigs, just not this season. He needs more minor league time.

Bob D said...

he wasnt much of a ground ball pitcher yesterday. I saw one game where the other team had 3 infield hits in one inning off of him - that was UNLUCKY! I'm sure Corey will hate that LMAO!

But with Blanton, Happ, and Lidge all coming back within the next 2 weeks - I forsee Bastardo, Herndon, and possibly Kendrick all going down to minors. Contreras and Baez have not impressed me, but being realistic they wont be cut from the team.

GM-Carson said...

Contreras has impressed me. He's been very good, minus one meatball to Nate McLouth.