Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello Homerun, My Old Friend

Hello homerun, my old friend.
I've come to watch you fly again.
Because a baseball violently creeping,
Flew across the screen awoke me from sleeping.
And the baseball that was planted in seats.
Still remains,
Within the sound of victory.

3 runs on 3 homeruns. Tells you a little about the Phillies offensive struggles of late (averaging 3 runs per game over the last 7). Jayson Werth's blast in the 2nd inning was the Phils first homerun in a week, which was also a homerun by Werth against the Marlins last Saturday. Werth launched 2 into the Arizona dry heat and Ibanez contributed his first round-tripper of the year as well. Thanks to a gutty spot start by Nelson Figueroa and some fine bullpen work, the Phils were able to pull out the victory 3-2.

*Image stolen graciously borrowed from Back She Goes.

Rubber Match:
Kyle Kendrick opposes Rodrigo Lopez in the swing game of the series this afternoon. KK was "unlucky" *cough*BULLSHIT*cough* like Cole Hamels in his first 2 starts, but was able to go 8 shutout innings last outing. RoLo rolls into the game with a 3.50 ERA, and with the way the Phils bats are swinging that number seems safe to stay consistent. Make sure to tune in and see Wilson Valdez make the start at shortstop as J-Roll remains DL'd and Juan Castro is now ailing with a bad hammy...really Valdez?!


GM-Carson said...

Jose Contreras has been great! His pitches have so much movement, that when located well it's almost automatic strikeout. His only mistake has been that extra inning homerun the other day.

Corey said...

where the fuck is cody ransom?

Corey said...

also, chipper jones is hurt.

GM-Carson said...

Chipper Jones is always on varying levels of hurt.

furiousBall said...

fear the beard

GM-Carson said...

What good pitcher took over Kyle Kendrick's body?

Aaron said...

Nope.......KK still sucks.

Aaron said...

Oh yeah and I still says Contreras Sucks.

GM-Carson said...

David Herndon is out of his league.

David said...

Is it possible that maybe, just maybe, everyone grossly overestimated this team? They have no pitching outside of Doc. The cupboard is absolutely bare. they are at a disadvantage every series and when the bats go cold (now) as they are wont to do throughout the long season, they're done.

This looks like an extremely average team to me.

buchty said...

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