Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happ-hazard & Romero Reuniting

You never would have guessed it, but JA Happ is heading to the disabled list. At first murmur of his boo-boo we all knew time laid up on the inactive list was inevitable. His DL stint is supposed to be a short one, but who the hell really knows. All I know is that somehow a Mets castoff has now been thrust into the starting rotation. Yep, Nelson Figueroa will be getting the nod on Saturday in Happ's place. Is this some sort of cruel joke? Are the baseball gods pissed off at the Phillies or something? Well, probably not entirely, because JC (Juan Carlos, not Jesus Christ) has been activated from the DL and is joining the team tonight in the final game of the series with Atlanta. Here's to hoping we don't get news of Polly's elbow being dislocated by that Hudson fastball or Chooch coming down with a case of dysentery.


Andrew said...

At the very least, it coincided nicely with Juan Carlos coming back. So we don't have to be experimenting with any minor leaguers. And hopefully he only misses 2 starts and then him and Joe both return at full strength. Here's hoping our offense picks it back up and helps out the starters.

GM-Carson said...

Derek Lowe keeps ball low...tough.

Derek Lowe gets ball up...balls go out.