Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday News & Notes

*Out of 38 ESPN contributors 24 predicted Roy Halladay for the NL Cy Young. Yeah, me too, must be genius. One dude even picked Cole Hamels...reach.

*Both Curt Schilling (hot topic on here lately) and our homeboy Doug Glanville have taken analyst jobs with ESPN. They're video game buddies and both are very intelligent, but I gotta admit the mute button will go on when Schilling is spewing his opinion.

*We all know Eric Bruntlett is worthless. Just how worthless? He didn't even make the Washington Nationals 25-man roster, as he was reassigned to the minors. How in the hell does he have a World Series ring again?!

*Joe Blanton, Brad Lidge, and JC Romero have officially been placed on the DL. Kyle Kendrick takes Heavy B's spot in the rotation, Rule 5'er David Herndon stays on the roster for now, and Andrew Carpenter is presumably the longman in the bullpen.

*Charlie Manuel is a romantic. You had to know this by his crotch digging, West Virginian accent, svelte physique, and rumored crooning following victories. Well, he helped play a part in a young sailor's proposal yesterday.
Shields was a guest at the game, and Manuel -- spying Shields in his Navy uniform -- walked over to say hello and shake hands. Shields asked for an autograph, and produced a ball for Manuel to sign. He gave it to his girlfriend, Caitlin Keane, as he asked to get a picture with the Phillies manager. Shields had written on the ball, "Caitlin, will you marry me?" She said yes, and several onlookers applauded -- including Manuel.


furiousBall said...

whoa Bruntlett didn't make the Nats roster?

GM-Carson said...

I'm willing to bet if Juan Castro were released today, he too would not find MLB employment.

SirAlden said...

96 Victories.

4-0 Sweep of Yankees in World Series.

GM-Carson tries to trade players in the 4th WSBGM's Fantasy Baseball League - moments before he cuts them - dropping them onto the Wavier Wire.

BenJah said...

a few more predictions for ya:

most likely to be the new adam eaton: joe blanton

most likely to be horrible: raul ibanez

most likely to be caught up in a celebrity sex scandal with one of the kardashian sisters: the newly married shane victorino

GM-Carson said...

Vic's celebrity sex video scandal might include John Goslin...there's been whispers.

GM-Carson said...

From the Zo Zone:
Sad news to report ...

Davey Lopes' brother Michael died after a Friday night house fire in Providence, R.I. Two other people (their mother and sister, according to The Providence Journal) were in the house, but escaped without injury and required no hospitalization. Michael was a longshoreman for the Port of Providence.

Davey has left the team indefinitely to be with family.

Hitting coach Milt Thompson might coach first base until Lopes returns, although that has not been determined.

Maria said...

Hey guys! Long time no see. I was reading through some of the posts and comments from 2006 and seeing how much has changed; from Abraham Nunez to Roy Halladay! I was also so awful about Charlie Manuel too. My only bold prediction about this year is that Brad Lidge will rebound and have a great year.

P.S. Sad to here about Davey Lopes.

P.S.S. Shane Victorino is becoming borderline douchey. No more Ed Hardy and definitely no more Jon Gosselin.

GM-Carson said...

Maria- almost all of us were borderline arrestable cruel to Manuel. Chuck's cool with it though, he said it made him stronger :)