Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Calf, Hip, Win

My calf, my hip, when I dip, you dip, we dip.

J-Roll and J-Dub (I just lost 10 cool points for typing that) are banged up. Thankfully it's an off day today, and Rollins' calf and Werth's hip will get some rest. Neither injuries seem serious, but we all know the Phillies would downplay a decapitation into a small scrape. Get well soon guys, because Juan Castro in the lineup is not a good thing.

*One major concern heading into the season was the bullpen, and quite honestly still is. Despite red flags, the Phils relievers have posted stellar numbers. 20.1 ip, 18 k, 1.33 ERA, and a 1.03 WHIP.

*Ryan Howard continues to look like a complete player at the dish. He's taking the ball the other way and is laying off pitches 2 feet outside. His new batting approach is working, and the more contact he makes the better.

*Juan Castro batting leadoff was not Manuel's fault. Rollins was originally announced as the starter, so his replacement had to take the same spot in the order.

*Cole Hamels is 2-0, but far from looking good. He's failed to get through the 6th inning in each start, and he's given up 4 runs each time. Overrated?

*Rube is looking to sign Pedro as rotation insurance on another half season contract. The Phillies and Pedro Martinez go together like bread and butter, beer and pizza, or massages and happy endings.

*The Phillies 6-1 record is tied for best in baseball and is their best start since the fabled '93 season. The competition has been weak (Washington & Houston), so lets not get too carried away until we play a real team.

*Brad Lidge continued his rehab assignment yesterday. He went 1 inning allowing 1 run on 2 hits, which improved his ERA 27.00. He seems in midseason form already, call him up!


ripjgarcia said...

Its times like this that I wish we had picked up Omar Vizquel in the offseason rather than Juan Castro.

However, there is no official report on the injury as of yet.

Philly Inquirer mentions that Cody Ransom and Wilson Valdez can both play short, so I imagine one of them coming up if the worst is to come.

GM-Carson said...

If Jimmy is DL bound, Valdez is the likely call-up. He might actually be better than Castro, not that that's saying much.