Sunday, April 11, 2010

Battle of the Roys

Two fireballing right-handers meet up for the series finale in Houston this afternoon. Staff aces Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt look to post gems in what has been an offensive explosion in the first 2 games. Their career stats speak for themselves. Halladay: 149-76, 3.42 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, 1504 k in 2053.2 ip. Oswalt: 137-71, 3.23 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, 1476 k in 1809.1 ip.

*Ryan Howard has merely 1 strikeout through the first 5 games of the season, spanning 24 at bats.

*Brad Lidge made his first rehab appearance yesterday with Single-A Clearwater and guess what...he still sucks. 2/3 of an inning, 3 hits, 1 walk, 4 runs. As awesome as his 2008 was, he reached an historic badness level in 2009 and his 2010 doesn't look to improve.

*JC Romero made his second rehab appearance in the same game as Lidge yesterday, but with much better results. He now has 2 scoreless innings under his belt.

*Jamie Moyer is one of only 3 active players in MLB to have played in the 80's (Ken Griffey Jr. and Omar Vizquel being the other elder statesmen).

*Davey Lopes hopes to be back coaching 1st base in Monday's home opener. He lost his brother to a fire about a week ago and has been with family since then.


Bob D said...

Polanco and Howard's stats so far are crazy nuts. I hope to see a sweep here. Go Roy! (Halladay that is)

David said...

Buried in all of these hits is the fact that this team has major pitching concerns. Their starters outside of a guy named Roy are awful. Not the make up of a champion squad. They can do the beer league long ball smash against many teams, but when they face teams with good pitching, especially lefties, they are going to struggle mightily.

I've thought that the season hinged on Hamels and Lidge for a long time. I still do, and both have been awful so far.

furiousBall said...

Did Polanco get his second E last night? I didn't see if they had scored one play where he knocked down a ball at third.

Dr. Steve said...

Polcano's errors are to be blamed on that ballpark. I have seen him make some impressive plays, I don't doubt his ability at third base.

The team needs to be concerned over Moyer and Kendrick so far. What other pitching concerns do they have? They keep an eye on those two and see what happens.

And, Brad Lidge sounds so bad... I really hope they don't bring him up to the team out of loyalty. Romero can come up at any time, but I don't want to lose Bastardo or Herndon (especially Herndon) to do it. Send Figuaroa down, and turn him into a starter just in case.

Dr. Steve said...

Brad Lidge signed a three-year deal in 2008.

Does that deal expire in 2010 or 2011? I am afraid it's 2011.

GM-Carson said...

Lidge is set to make about $24M over this and next season. Bummer.

GM-Carson said...

Roy Halladay is pure awesomeness!