Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All is Lost, All is Well

In a 162 game season there are bound to be infuriating losses. Last night was just that, infuriating. At 8-5 the Phillies are still in good standing. Dig a bit deeper and there is cause for concern.

All is Lost:
Injuries- JC Romero, Joe Blanton, Brad Lidge, Jimmy Rollins, and JA Happ.
Bullpen- Danys Baez and Ryan Madson.
Rotation- Kyle Kendrick (minus last night's stellar 8 shutout inning no decision) and Jamie Moyer.
Struggling Bats- Shane Victorino and Raul Ibanez.

All is Well:
However, there is reason for optimism to ward off despair.
Popping Bats- Placido Polanco, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jayson Werth.
Ace- Roy Halladay.
Bullpen- Chad Durbin.
An offensive onslaught and a precise surgery of the Braves lineup by Doc tonight will make everyone feel all warm and cozy inside once again.

If not, then piss on that with a Peter North size hose and prepare for Photoshop of Ryan Madson and Cole Hamels skipping through a field of daisies hand-in-hand.


furiousBall said...

that one stung last night. Madson was missing spots BADLY

GM-Carson said...

Ryan Madson makes the Lion from The Wizard of Oz look ballsy. Seriously, I saw tears welling in his eyes last night.

ripjgarcia said...

Blanton threw 2 innings in Lakewood yesterday. 13 pitches, 11 strikes, 2 Ks. It will be nice to see his return to the rotation.

This leaves the same question from the spring though. KK or Moyer?

GM-Carson said...

My guess is Moyer stays in the rotation. Not sure what the right choice is, still think Kendrick will be better longterm in terms of this season.

JC and Lidge will be activated soon. I hope they don't release Figueroa though, because he's done well actually.

ripjgarcia said...

I think they hold on to Figueroa because its already proven that starting pitching can go down at any time and he would be available as a spot starter.

Andrew said...

Lets say Moyer sucks his next turn around and KK gets another start and goes another 8 shutout innings. Then what do you do when Big Joe returns? KK has the power to make this interesting.

Sucky disheartening loss last night. The worst kind. But at least as much as you hate Madson now, that really was his only BS of this season to 3 saves. He had one other tie-game fiasco though. The return of Lidge is another thing that will be interesting...

Bob D said...

In about 2 weeks Lidge, Romero, Blanton should all be back. Bastardo will be sent to minors, but who else? Figeroa and Herndon have both been good - but both could end up being sent down but can be claimed by other teams (Herndon by Angels- Rule 5). Kendrick will also play into that as well. But pitchers like Contreras and Baez who both have had problems are likely safe even though they dont produce much. So go figure.

Andrew said...

I rooted for Baez. I really did. I had my Orioles Tshirt tuesday Baez jersey tshirt on under my Phillies shirt at the two Phils games I've been to this season. And both times he came out and I exposed my Baez. He didn't deserve it. Send him away!

GM-Carson said...

You just typed t-shirt way too much in one sentence for it to be coherent.

David said...

This is why I keep Kendrick. I saw the Phillies articles in Philadelphia magazine and they had pictures of players wives/fiances. Holy shit did that guy outpunt his coverage! His fiance is blazing hot! that alone earns him the nod to stay up, the off shot I'd ever catch a glimpse of her at the stadium.