Wednesday, March 03, 2010

WSBGMs Phantasy League 4

It's hard to believe We Should Be GMs will soon be starting our 5th season of blogging. Notice how the start of our blog coincides with the Phillies becoming perennial contenders? Coincidence...I think not. Anyway, it's that time of year again where the baseball geeks in us get ready for a grueling and exciting season of fantasy baseball. Corey and I are hosting a Yahoo league again this season, and it will be exactly like last year: 16 teams, head-to-head weekly match-ups, and all categories remain the same. The only difference- an increase to a minimum of 35 innings pitched per week. If interested contact us via email to reserve your spot. Let the games begin!

*We're looking only for dedicated Fantasy Leaguers. Meaning you play the entire season out and keep your roster current. Also, if you were in the WSBGMs league last year, include your team name in your email and you will get priority, seeing as there are only 14 slots open. Oh yeah, watch out for Lidge Ledge Leapers (my team) as they plan on following the blueprint to a championship much like last year's Hoochie Cooches.


Tech Tips Blog said...

okay i'm in....when does the trash talking start?

GM-Carson said...

Death to Seminoles...
Got the Phillies' lineup for tonight's exhibition against Florida State:

Jimmy Rollins, SS
Placido Polanco, 3B
Chase Utley, 2B
Ryan Howard, 1B
Jayson Werth, RF
Raul Ibanez, LF
Greg Dobbs, DH
John Mayberry Jr., CF
Carlos Ruiz, C
J.A. Happ is on the mound. Following him is Phillippe Aumont, Yohan Flande, Drew Naylor, Joe Savery, Jesus Sanchez and David Herndon.

*Thanks to Todd Zolecki for this info.

Tech Tips Blog said...

i really hope uncle cholly gets Dobbs some more at bats...I think last year Feliz got off to a hot start and Dobbs never really got off the bench.

I see the Phils haven't given up on Mayberry, not sure if I have or not. He needs to start hitting breaking pitches.

brian said...

Count me in for fantasy baseball!

SirAlden said...

Great to be in the league again.

Thanks Corey and Carson!