Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's the #?

Figure out the following...
A. The # of games the Phillies finished back in the standings in 2005.
B. Times the amount of homeruns Jeff Stone hit as a Phillie.
C. Plus the career high in triples for Ryan Howard.
D. Minus career caught stealings for Shane Victorino.
E. Plus losses in 1999 for Chad Ogea.
F. Times Mariano Duncan's doubles as a Phillie.
G. Minus hits in the 90's by Dutch Daulton.
H. Divided by the MLB teams Jayson Werth has played for.
What's the #?

*Order of operation does not apply to this problem. Solve using steps A-H in order.

*A Phillies Season Preview I participated in for Red Pinstripes Are Cooler.


GM-Carson said...

Jose Contreras has looked absolutely awful this spring. He's giving up multiple hits and runs in seemingly every outing.

Preserve Jon said...

Now, I'm not that good at word problems, but I got 143.66. Or as I like to think of it, the projected win total of the Mets when the next two years are added together.

GM-Carson said...

143.66 is not the correct answer.

Andrew said...

I get 98.6, the body temp of a healthy human, or the number of games the Phillies will win this season.

GM-Carson said...

The answer is a whole #, no decimals. Read carefully.

Andrew said...


Preserve Jon said...


GM-Carson said...

Ding, ding, ding. 97 is the answer. Now wasn't that fun? Reading our blog can actually keep your math skills sharp.

Did you guys enjoy this? If so, I might break this concept out every once in while.

GM-Carson said...

Games back in '05- 2
Stone HR- 11
Howard triples- 4
Vic CS- 28
Ogea's L- 12
Duncan 2B- 100
Dutch H- 709
Werth teams- 3

Bob D said...

97 is the number of wins the Phils will have going into the last week of the regular season this year enroute to 100+ wins, and World Series Championship.

Lidge recieved a cortisone shot meaning his return will not happen for a few weeks, but I forsee an early May return. I also see Baez becoming closer by May. However this team should dominate this year despite a few minor setbacks.

Andrew said...

yikes, I messed up the daulton hits due to my bad handwriting. I'm a scientist and yet I can't find a calculator......

GM-Carson said...

The bullpen scares me. Lidge has been horrible against minor leaguers this spring. Contreras looks like he can't even pitch. Herndon, Durbin, and Baez are the only ones looking good. Madson has been pretty bad too, Bastardo is erratic, and who the hell knows when Romero will actually be back.

Shame we have so many millions wrapped up in Moyer and Ibanez.

Preserve Jon said...

I did enjoy this. I blame my miscalculation on misinterpreting Mariano Duncan's stats on Baseball Reference.

I did enjoy it. Something different, something new. I'd do it again.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Mariano Duncan is my hero

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