Friday, March 12, 2010

Unhealthy Mets

With about 3 weeks to go before Opening Day the Mets are already seeing their injured list mount. Going into spring training they knew the hobbled Carlos Beltran would likely miss the first month of the season. But then a few days into camp they realize newly signed set-up man Kelvim Escobar is still experiencing pain in his pitching arm. Then just last week it was revealed that Mr. Sportsmanship himself Jose Reyes has a thyroid problem and now doctors are recommending he rest for 2-8 weeks, which means DL time to begin the 2010 campaign of losing for the Mets. What's the saying- Kick 'em when they're down!

Life's a Pitch:
Roy Halladay, JA Happ, Jamie Moyer (B games only), and Kyle Kendrick- spotless. Cole Hamels- barely scathed. Joe Blanton- bad first outing, 4 shutout innings yesterday. That's the rotation right there, and so far so good. Now, just gotta get those bullpen arms in line.


Andrew said...

Looking good with the rotation this year. Gonna be exciting!

On a side note, anyone have any connections for opening day tickets at Nationals stadium for April 5th? My friend who promised to buy ticket blew it and forgot and now the cheapest seats are about $100 each.

furiousBall said...

everyone has been writing articles about Hamels returning to form, which is definitely important. but i'm paying more attention to Happ and Blanton. I think they are more key to us finishing atop the NL East

GM-Carson said...

I agree Furious. We know Halladay will be awesome. I'm pretty confident that Hamels will rebound to form. Blanton and Happ are the key. If Blanton puts up #'s like last season, then I'll be happy. Happ is likely to regress though, but how much is the question.

Bob D said...

Blanton had a 7ish ERA in June if he put up the numbers he had from that point to the end of season throughout the whole season (ERA in2's) and Happ continue his good pitching this year then the rotation is pretty much set.

Dr. Steve said...

Blanton was the Phillies most consistent starter last year (Well Happ was too). Hamels, Lee and Moyer were not close to consistent or reliable.

While I am always "Meh" towards Blanton, the truth is he really holds this team together. While he is identified as a "third" starter, he acted more like a number one guy for this team. And I have no reason to doubt his performance will suffer.

Probably THE biggest reason why the Phillies went from a first round playoff team to World Fucking Champions.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Blanton kind of stank at the beginning of the year as I recall.