Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tales from a Live Draft

Last night marked the 4th WSBGMs Phantasy Baseball draft, and yours truly got the 1st overall pick. Which quickly lead to accusations of tampering, but I assure all was legit.

Here's a brief rundown of the events:
*Roughly 15 minutes prior to the 7 o'clock live draft start time, Corey's Internet goes haywire and we think we're F'd in the A. Luckily I put Hanley Ramirez in my que, and Internet connection was restored seconds before Corey's draft slot. All is well.

*1st Round Results- 1. Hanley Ramirez, 2. Albert Pujols, 3. Chase Utley, 4. Joe Mauer, 5. Alex Rodriguez, 6. Ryan Howard, 7. Ryan Braun, 8. Mark Teixeira, 9. Matt Kemp, 10. Evan Longoria, 11. Prince Fielder, 12. Troy Tulowitzski, 13. Miguel Cabrera, 14. David Wright, 15. Tim Lincecum, 16. Roy Halladay

*Corey takes Josh Hamilton in the 7th round after I talked him out of taking him in the 5th and 6th rounds (he got Andre Either and Tommy Hanson there instead). A bet is made on the over/under for 110 games for Hamilton. Wager- 6 pack of microbrew beer, I took the under.

*It is determined the Peter Gammons slob-knobs Dustin Pedroia with one hand and Eddie Vedder in the other.

*Team Werth's Beard appropriately drafts Jayson Werth.

*Fellow drafters start hating on my team (Lidge Ledge Leapers) once they realize I have Billy "the Rat" Wagner, Scott "Bawl-Baby-Pissy-Pants" Rolen, and Larry "Chipper" Jones on my squad. Hate all you want bitches!!!

*A rash of "That's what she said" and "Your mom" jokes breaks out after a closer run.

*Corey and I are both wondering who the hell Craig Allen/Allen Craig (does it matter) and Cole Gillespie are and why they're ranked so high by Yahoo.

*Corey (Harry Kalas Cialis) takes Gaby Sanchez in the 25th round because he thinks girls names on boys are sexy.


Utility Derek said...

MY team sucks. I got shafted.

GM-Carson said...

What are you talking about, you got that gangsta Elijah Dukes.

Utility Derek said...

elijah dukes????? he is n/a. Why is that?

GM-Carson said...

He was releashed by the Nationals. Yep, the friggin gNats released his sorry ass, so what's that tell you.

Patricia said...

I'm not gonna lie, I for some reason thought that the draft was at 7:30, so I missed the majority of the draft. That and my netbook didn't allow me to chat during the draft which took away half the fun. That being said, I'm content with my team, and hope that you boys don't mind loosing to a girl.

GM-Carson said...

Patricia, I too was on a netbook and not being able to chat or search for players by last names was utterly annoying.

SirAlden said...

Dukes will be back.

Count Elijah on it.

SirAlden said...

Good luck everyone with your Team!

Thank you for Carson and Corey.