Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Tidbits

Polanco Injured

The injury doesn't seem too serious and that is good because the Phillies don't really have a good backup for Polanco now that Bruntlett is gone. I mean, Cody Ransom and his lifetime .230 average and Juan Castro and his stellar hitting record are good options, but they aren't Eric Bruntlett, are they?

Moyer Shelled
Jamie Moyer, pitching against regular major league players for the first time this spring, got rocked for 4 runs on 8 hits. While Kyle Kendrick continues to pitch well, it is only Spring Training and this was only one game, so we'll see how this pans out over the next two weeks.

Howard-Pujols Trade Rumor
C'mon. Get real. Not unless Cam Bonifay becomes St. Louis general manager. And he's drunk.

WSBGMs Bracket Buster
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Bob D said...

Moyer pitched in a B game but faced mostly major league starters in it.
Beimel is seeking upward of $2mil with Phils, Mets, and possibly a 3rd team interested.
Howard for Pujols - yeah right!

GM-Carson said...

Dude, Beimel should just sign a low priced deal with incentives. Asking for 2mil right now is silly.

Andrew said...

Beimel had 2 great seasons, 2 good seasons, and the rest was crap. He's barely worth $1M per season in baseball money. Greed.

furiousBall said...

I wish Jamie would retire and not make this ugly. Last thing I want is to see Jamie in mid May with an over 7 ERA getting booed at home, then Kendrick gets the nod, ... Jamie needs to go out on his terms.

Bob D said...

3 weeks left to solve the pitching dilema. Not a problem - since it seems to be a good-good choice to make. Moyer is ok but Kendrick does seem to be out pitching him at this point. The fact that Moyer struggled against major league hitters is a bit unsettling. However all the starters combined have barely let up any runs so far very impressive. I could see some domination in the forcast here for the Phils this year.