Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Random Phan Pics, Perfect KK & Wang Long Toss


Perfect KK:
Vying for the 5th spot in the rotation this spring is Kyle Kendrick. His main competition comes from grizzled old vet Grand Pappy Moyer. Kendrick has not allowed a run through 5 innings so far in Florida. Plus, it should be noted that he's developed his secondary pitches (change-up and cutter) and is throwing with confidence. I'm rooting for KK to win the job, because he's younger, cheaper, and has more upside, but whether or not that really comes into play will be determined in a few weeks.

Chien-Ming Wang is coming off of injury/surgery, but hopes to build up arm strength in a hurry to help Washington climb out of the NL East basement this season. Do I really care about the Nationals? No, I just find if funny that the word "wang" is used in a headline and that the "wang" is doing "long toss". What can I say, sophomoric humor still amuses me. *Hat tip to ESPN.com's Spring Blog for the funny headline and to More Hardball for the commentary.