Thursday, March 18, 2010

Prepare for a Beatdown

A 30 inch Louisville Slugger with Phillies logo and Charlie Manuel's signature will be a giveaway on July 6th at the Brick Cit House this season. Smartly, the bat is being handed out to children 14 and younger, so we don't really have to worry about a drunken massacre of poor tomahawk chopping Braves fans in attendance. Luckily for me my kids are 2 and under and won't fully understand when Daddy steals it from their precious little hands.
"I can write better now, can't I? This just goes to show you that when I first came out of high school, I couldn't write. I can write better now."
~Charlie Manuel

Pitching In:
The entire Phillies pitching staff has a 3.26 ERA this spring. More importantly the starting staff has been dominate: (ERA/IP) Halladay 0.90/10, Hamels 1.69/10.2, Blanton 4.09/11, Happ 0.00/6.2, and 5th spot hopeful Kendrick 0.00/9.