Saturday, March 27, 2010

Phillies Ink

Brett Myers is gone and he took the MLB quota for dugout personnel on a team with a wrist tattoo with him (which happens to thankfully only be 1). That means one of the current Phillies needs to be needled with some ink around his carpus. Who will it be? Well, the Phillies were generous enough to allow WSBGMs readers to decide. Here's the ballot...

Cole Hamels- it would make him seem less girly and more badass. Nobody can call you a vagina if you're rocking a tribal band. Douche, yes. Vagina, no.

Juan Castro- nobody knows who he is and nobody gives a shit. The distinction of having the lone wrist tat would give him clout and marketability.

JC Romero- flamboyant fist-pumping and chest-pounding is his signature move after big outs. Just imagine him doing so with some flames blazing up his forearms.

Jamie Moyer- 47 years old and tattooed...enough said.

Charlie Manuel- Fuqua digging in his pants would become an even bigger show with some inkage.

Which Phillie should get a wrist tattoo?
Cole Hamels
Juan Castro
JC Romero
Jamie Moyer
Charlie Manuel free polls


furiousBall said...

Jamie should get JUICY in old english font across the small of his back. Imagine that first shower with the team.

Bob D said...

JC as its fits his personality

SirAlden said...

FB is Shakespeare of the 22nd Century!

GM-Carson said...

FB = Facebook? If so, what's your point SirAlden?

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