Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Phield & Bullpen

The Phield:
March Madness sweeps the nation every time this year, and in the Phillies blogsphere it's no different. Some guys with too much time on their hands (pot calling the kettle black) have created a 64 team bracket of Phillies blogs to determine the best of the best (aptly called The Phield). WSBGMs drew a 5 seed, and voting for our region takes place tomorrow from 8-8. Check back here tomorrow for a resume of WSBGMs and a link to vote.

When David Herndon was selected from the Los Angeles Angels in the Rule 5 draft I did not anticipate him having a young boys chance on the Neverland Ranch, but it appears he may be making the Opening Day squad due to performance and necessity. Just yesterday, lefty Sergio Escalona was optioned to the minors, leaving bullpen sure shots Ryan Madson, Jose Contreras, Chad Durbin, and Danys Baez to 4 of the 7 spots. JC Romero and Brad Lidge seem DL bound, so that leaves Herndon, Antonio Bastardo, and the "loser" of the 5th spot in the rotation battle (Moyer/Kendrick) to fill the remaining 3.


GM-Carson said...

From The Phield:
"Best first-round matchup: We Should Be GMs vs. I Want to Go to the Zoo with Roy Halladay
What a great matchup: Upset potential, similar styles, upstart underdog. There’s a lot to like here. A real barnburner. Fieldhouse Sunday."

Dude, we have to beat them, they've been a blog for all of about 3 months. Of course they are darlings over on the BackSheGoes forum (where I've been kicked off for brashness).

GM-Carson said...

Phils were nearly no-hit yesterday by the O's. Only hit coming off the bat of Mayberry. Yuck!

Kendrick pitched well again though, 2 runs in 5 innings on 3 hits with 4 k's.

Andrew said...

In our defense, Matusz is basically the O's version of Cole Hamels 4 years ago. He's gonna be solid.

Dr. Steve said...

Herndon should get in based on performance alone, not necessity. The guy gets nothing but ground ball outs. He's tall and he's got a lot of upside. And he's in the bullpen!!

I say, keep him on the team at all costs. Next season, if you need to, put him in the minors and let him polish up on some skills. He's got a great future, and I don't want to miss out on that because Jamie Moyer needed to sit in his jacket in the dugout for 90 games.

GM-Carson said...

From The Phield:
"There’s something to be said for longevity. We Should Be GMs began years ago as a joint venture for Phillies and Pirates fans, hoping to unearth all the funny out of both teams in Pennsylvania. Soon they realized the Pirates weren’t actually a team, so the focus became all Phillies, a smart move. WSBGMs keeps hilarious regularly with frequent posts, off-centered features like “Name That Phillie” and “Phlashback Phridays” and pretty awesome photos. Their Hall of Fame includes Pat Burrell and Eric Bruntlett; they even coined a statistic: The Howard (a home run, strikeout and error in the same game). Crude and revolutionary, We Should Be GMs still has it."

GM-Carson said...

Jayson Stark does a solid article on the ageless wonder Grand Pappy Moyer.