Monday, March 22, 2010

Name That Player #30

Andrew - 8
Caleb - 5
Preserve Jon – 3
8008 WFC's - 3
Joseph - 2
Utility Derek - 2
Mike The Mac Guy - 1
Jstocksazag12 - 1
Roy - 1
cnovick21 – 1
greg – 1
Mike D. - 1


GM-Carson said...

This one is gonna drive me nuts. I know that face, but can't put a name to it.

Corey said...

yeah, if you don't figure it out you'll know who he is right away when you hear his name. he did not play much with the phils but had a few good seasons elsewhere.

jstocksazag12 said...

joe grahe

Corey said...

and boom goes the dynamite. joe grahe it is. i honestly thought this one might take longer than 1 hour but it goes to show you how good some of you guys are at recognizing these fairly obscure players.