Sunday, March 21, 2010

The March Madness of Phillies Blogs

The Phield is holding a March Madness tournament to decide the top Phillies blog. We Should Be GMs received a 5 seed and is pitted against I Want To Go To The Zoo With Roy Halladay in the Salisbury region. Voting will be held today from 8 AM to 8 PM, with results announced at 10 PM tonight. Click link here to vote, we appreciate your support.

From the Phield:
There’s something to be said for longevity. We Should Be GMs began years ago as a joint venture for Phillies and Pirates fans, hoping to unearth all the funny out of both teams in Pennsylvania. Soon they realized the Pirates weren’t actually a team, so the focus became all Phillies, a smart move. WSBGMs keeps hilarious regularly with frequent posts, off-centered features like “Name That Phillie” and “Phlashback Phridays” and pretty awesome photos. Their Hall of Fame includes Pat Burrell and Eric Bruntlett; they even coined a statistic: The Howard (a home run, strikeout and error in the same game). Crude and revolutionary, We Should Be GMs still has it.

Authors: GM-Carson & Corey
Profession: Avid Phillies Bloggers & Wannabe GMs
Experience: About to turn 4 years old and enter 5th season
1. Phillies Phlashback Phridays (Ex- Ricky Williams)
2. Campaign Cheer
3. Nicknames: No-Hit Nunez, Gas Can Geary, Grand Pappy Moyer, Donut Eater Lieber, Fence Face Rowand, and you can't forget No Talent Ass Clown aka Danny Sandoval.
4. The Howard
5. Tale of the Tape Series (Ex- St. Louis)
6. Star Wars Parody (Ex- Phillies Wars Episode I)
7. Jib-Jab Videos (Ex- Snowball Phight)
8. Song Parodies (Ex- Bohemian Manuel)
9. Spearheaded banishment of Eaton, Nunez, Bell, Bruntlett, and Barajas (Ex- Angry Blogger Arrested)
10. Creation of the Phucco (Phillie + Bucco)

We're the original funny men of the Phlogsphere. However, them crazy sons a bitches over at The Fightins have kinda stolen some our laugh track thunder (they're our homies, it's cool if we call their moms names), but we remain original and true to form. What is our form- satire, sarcasm, and rants mixed with extreme bouts of joy. So go vote for us or we'll photoshop a picture of you doing questionable things with a donkey.


furiousBall said...

Only if you photoshop a flamethrower in my other hand, because that's the only way I bang donkeys.

Jay Ballz said...

I have officially cast my vote for the GM's.

You guys deserve to advance.

GM-Carson said...

Apparently we're currently losing. Like I said in an earlier comment section- Go To The Zoo With Roy is backed by BackSheGoes, and those uptight snarky dickwads hate me.

ripjgarcia said...

Damn.. just looked at their blog.


GM-Carson said...

I don't like to talk trash about other sites, and I won't, but simply put- we're better than that Zoo site.

GM-Carson said...

I shouldn't be bitter though. Posts about zoo animals and poorly done paintshop photos are the coolest right? What the hell am I missing, I just don't get it.

Rich Baxter said...

You had my vote also. WSBGM's rule....

please support my site @

ripjgarcia said...

damn 125-114.

Corey said...

i voted for "zoo with roy".

GM-Carson said...

We lost. But, The Phield had some nice comments about us.

"No tournament is complete without the mandatory 12-5 upset. It’s a shame a great blog like We Should Be GMs lost, but congrats to Zoo With Roy. My personal thoughts is this was just like Temple-Cornell. WSBGMs should have been higher than a 5 and ZWR should have been higher than a 12."

"The big story, which happened late, was the upset win by I Want to Go to the Zoo With Roy Halladay over We Should Be GMs. As a game between comedy sites, attractiveness was high mostly because Zoo With Roy is an odd upstart that had a large social networking profile. Maybe Twitter helped Zoo With Roy, but it’s this man’s opinion that the win seemed tough to swallow, as GMs has been around forever and has barely ever slowed. Plus, its posts focuses on baseball all the time; can’t say the same for Zoo With Roy."

My thoughts- F*ck Twitter.

Andrew said...

wow. pretty crazy upset. sorry guys. I voted several times too.

Matt said...

You guys got jobbed.

GM-Carson said...

The whole thing was for fun, but it irks me that we lost in the 1st round. That Zoo with Roy site is strange, but I guess there's something about it that people dig. Whatever.