Monday, March 08, 2010

Howard Hitless & Romero Rehabbing

Howard Hitless:
Ryan Howard appears to be in midseason form, striking out 50% of his at bats. Through 3 spring games, 8 at bats, he's still hitless with 4 whiffs. Does this really matter? No. Should we be alarmed? No. Don't worry, he'll just woof down some Subway and be good to go.

Romero Rehabbing:
It appears JC Romero will not be ready to start the season on the active 25-man roster. This is good news for lefties trying to make the team (Mike Zagurski, Antonio Bastardo, and Sergio Escalona), but bad news for Phightin fans. JC missed most of last season with a 50-game suspension and then injury, from which he is still recovering. He says he feels healthy, but doesn't want to risk rushing back and putting himself out for an even greater length of time. Get healthy hombre!


Dr. Steve said...

JC Romero is probably my favourite Phillies addition in the past five years. I need to see his patented and original fist-pumping action (Take that, Pat Burrell and The Jersey Shore!) or it just won't be Summer.

What? You say Summer isn't until June? He should be back by then.

Aaron said...

Jose Contreras folks.....get used to what he did in spring training today.
I prediction......we will ALL HATE Contreras by May 1st.

Andrew said...

Kendrick looks good though! And so does Rollins with back-to-back games with homeruns now. Utley is Utley. Howard got some hits.

Aaron said...

Yeah Kendrick has looked real good. I love Moyer but I think they outta give kendrick another shot. he seems to have grown up a lot.

GM-Carson said...

I love Grand Pappy too, but it's time to see if KK can be the 5th starter on the cheap for the next few seasons.

Bob D said...

If KK gets the 5th starter spot then I predict a trade of Moyer to allow him to be a starter elsewhere.