Monday, March 22, 2010

Hamels Rocked

Cole Hamels is supposed to be the impeccable #2 behind Doc Halladay. After his top-notch 2008 campaign and dominating playoff performance, Cole was poised to step into the "ace" role in the elite of the National League. However, poor offseason conditioning lead to a stinker (a real smelly one, like you blame on the dog) of a season. The season was followed by playoffs to forget, as he basically asked to not be given the ball. And people wonder why he's called names that rhyme with Carolina. Anyway, he's primed for a bounce-back year, and was rolling along according to plan, until he ran into the Yankees today. 4 innings, 9 hits, and 7 runs (6 earned) later we're left to wonder. Don't worry though, because Coles not.
"I was a lot happier because I felt like I had more energy going into the fourth inning. Just every inning in general. I felt like I had a good rhythm. I felt comfortable from the stretch and the wind up, so that's definitely coming. Now is the time I really want to get the fastball going, try to hit my spots. I feel like I was doing a pretty good job up until the fourth inning when I was cutting it off unintentionally and I wasn't releasing the ball where I wanted to."

Honestly, it's spring, so I'm chill. He's working out the kinks so he gets some slack. However, too many outings like this come regular season could lead to a cascade of boos.


ripjgarcia said...

yeah. that line looked pretty rough.. I was watching a couple highlight though on ESPN and it looked like the Phillies bats were working as well.

Only thing I worry about Hamels is trying too hard to integrate these pitches into his repetoire (sp?) Every curveball he pitched last year got smoked like they knew it was coming. And when they smoked it he turned into the mental midget.

I hope he walks back next try and really has a good outing. I don't want him looking for answers in the regular season. I haven't run back the interview yet but I am really curious.

GM-Carson said...

I think Hamels will be fine, 16-18 wins with a 3-3.25 ERA. But then again I'm optimistic.