Friday, March 05, 2010

Around the NL East


Mets like Wang? You don't say? In other Mets news, Jose Reyes was scratched yesterday due to abnormal tests from his pre-season physical. I just assumed he was pregnant but word today is that he may have an overactive thyroid. First they sign Hisanori Takahashi, now they get Hashimoto Reyes. Zing! Nothing better than thyroid humor.

The Marlins are in the running to sign free agent corner infielder/DH Hank Blalock. If Blalock joins the Marlins, he could play significant innings at first or be their primary pinch-hitter, at least until June, when Blalock will go on the Disable List forthe rest of the season.

Why even talk about the Nationals. They don't even have a beat writer in Florida. Yet somehow, there is a new Stephen Strasburg story every day.

Odds for the first Braves player to go on the DL:
Wagner - Even
Glaus - 3:2
Saito - 2:1
Chipper - 4:1
Hudson - 6:1
Anybody else - 4:1


Andrew said...

I would say Chipper is a guarantee. He's a walking injury!

GM-Carson said...

Making fun of the Mets never gets old.

Lynn said...

Isn't Wang a gNat?

Shackamaxon said...

Yeah, but if you look closely, this clipping's from back when Ben Sheets was available.

I'd made the 6th-grade "Wang" joke in my head about a hundred times over the last season or two. Every time I'd see a headline like "Yanks Let Wang Hit Free Agency" or "Wang Feels Good After 50 Pitches", it'd take all my inner strength not to go there.

And not only did I not go there...NOBODY did. I was floored that I hadn't seen snickering Wang gags all over the Internets. Until today.

Thanks...I knew SOMEONE else had a childish, sophomoric mind like me and just couldn't keep it to themselves any longer. :-)