Monday, February 15, 2010

Who Here Likes Wang?

It's always fun to look around the NL East to see what the "competition" is up to and there is some interesting Nationals news floating around. They signed Adam Kennedy this weekend. That’s nice. There is also a rumor they might bring Kris Benson and his wife to Spring Training to have a look. And while it’s a nice view, I’m skeptical that Benson has anything left. Whatever. I’m more interested in Wang.

The Nationals offered former Yankee pitcher C.M. Wang an incentive laden contract rumored to be worth a guaranteed 1-2 million bucks. Jon Heyman of reports that Wang threw “only 85 MPH off flat ground” in a recent workout. Heyman implies that this scared off at least one team but apparently not the Nationals. I’m not sure why throwing “only” 85 MPH off of flat ground for a sinker ball pitcher coming off of an injury a month before Spring Training starts is a negative, but I’m glad it’s not scaring off the Nationals. Wang was a solid pitcher before his injury and even at 85% of his best he’s better than the 4th or 5th starters on the Nationals depth chart. Also, in case you didn’t know, his name is slang for penis. If he pitches against the Phils a few times next season, that is three or four posts worth of dick jokes and double entendre. Maybe even some Wang photoshopping. Who knows what else. The possibilities seem endless. It's easy blogging and we here at WSBGMs are always looking for some easy blogging, especially if it involves dick jokes. So if you might laugh at this sort of things, pay attention to Nationals this week and hope that they land a Wang.


GM-Carson said...

I heard FuriousBall loves the Wang.

GM-Carson said...

Despite being 47-years-old and dealing with a myriad of physical ailments during the last six months, Phillies' starter Jamie Moyer is open to pitching in 2011 according to Andy Martino of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“You know, I’m going to leave that as an open-ended question because I don’t know how to answer that,” Moyer said when asked if he expected to retire after this year, when his current contract expires. “It could be (my last season). It potentially could be. But so could have last year. So could have two years ago, so could have five years ago.

Moyer finished the 2009 season injured after tearing three muscles in his groin and lower abdomen in late-September, and was then hospitalized in October and November due to possible blood infections following the subsequent surgery. He also had a minor knee procedure last month.

After posting a 4.94 ERA and being demoted to the bullpen last year, Moyer will earn $6.5MM in 2010 as part of the two-year, $13MM deal he signed last winter. Sitting at 258 career wins, he has a very outside shot at the magical 300 win mark.

*I'd love to see him pitch until he's 50...just not in a Phils uniform.

Preserve Jon said...

Here here on Wang! Wait, did I just type that? Uh, anyway...
Do you think Grandpappy is interested in hanging around for 300? It would be an interesting story line. But who's going to give him a chance to scrape together 42 more victories when he's currently pulling down $8+ mil a year. Where's the market for that? At this point it's pretty clear to say that RAJ overpaid to Moyer - an expensive, but certainly not Eaton-esque mistake. Moyer seems to be clubhouse gold and he's always good to root for.

SirAlden said...

SirAlden loves his Wang, and
loves Pedro. Remember the Duel
with Lincecum. Remember his Game
against Padilla.

GM-Carson said...

I love how Wang is eating a ball in that picture...or is the ball just attached to the Wang?

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