Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time For The Phillies To Worry?

Sure, the Mets don't have everything going for them. They have three third string catchers. Two of their best players coming off of major injuries. Luis Castillo is still there. But things may have changed this week. They may have found a cure for Ollie Perez.

I'm doubtful anything can fix Ollie Perez, even Fred Wilpon's homeboy. I'm especially skeptical after reading Koufax's full quote about pitching.
"You can't control the ball unless you can control your body. He's got a great arm. People pay too much attention to delivery. Pitching is throwing. It's precision throwing. ... Sometimes delivery is overrated. You're throwing, and that's the basis of it. You don't want to change what you do. I think people need to have some sort of delivery, but delivery shouldn't interfere with your ability to throw."
Huh? I'm confused and I'm at least seven times smarter than Ollie. I'm pretty sure Ollie Perez will gain nothing from this and continue to suck, so no worries Phillies fans.

Next up for Wilpon's "ace in the hole" - getting his money back from one of his other homeboys, Bernie Madoff.


GM-Carson said...

Ollie Perez contract is going to go down in infamy for the Mets.

Did anyone see picture of David Wright in spring training. Dude looks like he at Popeye's arms and the Incredible Hulk's chest during the offseason. PEDs?

GM-Carson said...

The new David Wright.

Corey said...

holy shit. is there any way to get jacked up like that in just a few months without PEDs?

GM-Carson said...

Charlie Manuel sure is amusing- "Whatever comes in my mind, I let it out. My talk's always different, because different [stuff] comes out. One day, it's hillbilly. One day, it's Northern Virginia. Some of it might be in Japanese. I just let it come out. Whatever you get on that day. Are my speeches inconsistent? Without a doubt, but I always send the one message, and that's how we want to play and what got us where we are today and how people like to watch us play. That's because of the team we have and the talent on our team and how we go about things."

SirAlden said...

"The Fightins also announced its three contest winners for my new book. Great contest, guys. I appreciate it! And if you didn't win, hey, there's always the bookstore."

Look what Zo Zo just wrote.
What a tool. Homeboy my ass.

Todd you are a moron.

GM-Carson said...

Corey and I are greedy, we could have used our 2 books he gave us for a contest, but we wanted them all for ourselves.