Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thurzday QuizDay

I recently came across a website,, that wastes at least an hour of my otherwise productive work day. It's a sight full of quizzes. It sounds stupid, but it can be addictive. I made a few Phillies quizzes and I thought a few of you out there might enjoy trying your hand at them. Here are the first few I made. Good luck.

1) Can you name the opening day lineup in 1988? Guess here.

2) Can you name all the Phillies managers since 1980? Guess here.

3) Can you name the Opening Day leftfielders of the 1990's? Guess here.


GM-Carson said...

Wow, no wonder the '88 team sucked.

GM-Carson said...

Zolecki has a nice piece up on Brad Lidge and how he plans to improve and put '09 behind him.

This reminded that Lidge is a quality guy and should respect him- "It's a really frustrating thing. When you look at your career, a year like that really sucks. It stands out. There's years that go better than you ever thought. There's years that go worse than you ever thought. But it is definitely motivating for me to get back to being the pitcher I am and I know I will be this year. I probably won't look back and dwell on it and be like, 'That's too bad,' or whatever. It did happen. It was a tough year. But it's done. Now it's just all about being myself again and going to my bread and butter and getting things done. I don't necessarily expect myself to have '08, but I expect myself to be a hell of a lot closer to '08 than '09, that's for sure. I feel really optimistic that will be the case."

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