Saturday, February 13, 2010

Survivor's 2010 World Series Prediction

On the 20th season of Survivor, it is Heroes versus Villains which premiered Thursday night on CBS. Representing the Villains is "Boston" Rob Mariano and for the Heroes Stephenie Lagrossa. As evident, Boston Rob reps the patented Boston Red Sox cap he's featured every season he's been on, but new to the fold is Lagrossa's camouflage Philadelphia Phillies hat. She is the wife of Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick. Is Survivor showcasing the 2010 World Series match-up already in February? If so, I hope good (Heroes) prevails over evil (Villains).

*Hat tip to Phoul Ballz for the screen shot of Lagrossa.

*Originally posted yesterday on More Hardball.

Survivor- Eye of the Tiger


furiousBall said...

what the hell is this? if i want to read some reality show mommy blog blabber, i'd... go read a mommy blog. now talk about baseball or firetrucks or something

Bob D said...

Wow, furiousball has told you. Where's the spring training preview? LOL

Ernest Bowman said...

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